Securing Emails in the Modern Age

In the age of modern connectivity, emails are the de facto mode of communication. Securing emails from cybercriminals is a difficult task, and many businesses are left scratching their heads when deciding how to keep corporate data and privileged information secure.

Zix a provider of cloud email security, productivity and compliance solutions has announced the release of its Advanced Email Threat Protection service for the UK market. This new offering sees the utilisation of machine learning capabilities to offer multi-layered filtering that promises to safeguard corporate inboxes from malicious threats.

The introduction of this service comes at a crucial time as more people begin to work from home. The rise in remote working has seen an increase of malicious attacks including phishing, impersonation, malware, ransomware and spam-type messages. The Advanced Email Threat Protection Service from Zix fills a gap in enterprise threat prevention, promising to deliver a more intrinsic level of security than traditional email filtering solutions.

“In recent months, there has been no evading the constant stream of reports indicating a sharp spike in cyberattacks as bad actors look to take advantage of the commotion surrounding the coronavirus pandemic,” said Paul Balkwell, VP of international sales at Zix. “What’s more, according to the 2020 Verizon DBIR, 90% of these threats start with an email. Crucially, it also works seamlessly with their other security, compliance and productivity services.”

Zix’s comprehensive service aims to tackle email threats throughout their full lifecycle. As a first line of defence, Zix ensures that social engineering attempts are identified and blocked. This includes implementing time-of-click analysis, which aids in spotting malicious phishing links. Another interesting offering from Zix’s new solution is the option of subjecting email attachments through thorough inspection in a ‘sandboxed’ environment. This keeps potentially harmful files isolated from critical system software upon installation, avoiding the spread of malware, while providing insight into the email.

In a rather apropos move, users are also offered the ability to ‘quarantine’ or retract suspicious emails through a simple web interface. From this interface, users can also implement threat mitigation, review analytics as well as receive real-time updates when zero-day, or never before seen, attacks are found. Moreover, users maintain full visibility into their email environments as traffic is monitored 24/7 for existing and evolving threats with the help of live threat analysts and machine learning.

These services are further enriched by the Zix Phenomenal Care support team that has a 97% first call resolution with 24/7, 365 days a year support.

“Zix’s Advanced Email Threat Protection has been a saving grace for keeping our clients secure,” added Connor Papp, Projects Engineer at Total Group International Ltd, a Zix partner. “By utilising the various features Zix’s Advanced Email Threat Protection has to offer, we are able to gain a deeper insight into the types of attacks our customers face and build policies and rules to automate the remediation and mitigation of the endless bombardment of email-based threats. Our customers truly value the level of self-service the suite offers them for managing potentially dangerous attachments and mail, as well as the peace of mind they have knowing that our team is looking right over their shoulder at each point of contact.”

Noting the expanse of Zix’s offering to the UK market, Balkwell went on to state: “we are delighted to see our offering enthusiastically embraced by many organisations across the world. More importantly, we can do our part in safeguarding them from the unrelenting efforts of cybercriminals.” Balkwell concluded: “the security landscape has evolved, and gone are the days of bad guys simply sending out nuisance spam email. Today, email is the gateway to all manner of attack and cybercriminals are getting crafty.” As always, the solution is to stay one step ahead of the game and tackle threats as they evolve.”

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