Online Far-Right Movements Fracture, as ‘Gullible’ QAnon Supporters Criticized

Online far-right movements are splintering,” argues NBC News:

Users on forums that openly helped coordinate the Jan. 6 riot and called for insurrection…have become increasingly agitated with QAnon supporters, who are largely still in denial that President Donald Trump will no longer be in the Oval Office after Jan. 20… [QAnon adherents] have identified Inauguration Day as a last stand, and falsely think he will force a 10-day, countrywide blackout that ends in the mass execution of his political enemies and a second Trump term…

Security as Code: Why It’s Important and What You Need to Know

Software is becoming an increasingly pivotal part of modern business and society. In turn, consumers have come to expect instant gratification. This has driven businesses to concentrate on innovation and speed to market. Businesses that can???t keep up with the hyper-competitive market of speed-to-value are falling behind.

BrandPost: Creating a Zero Trust Foundation

To prevent security breaches and data loss, organizations have directed a lot of time, effort, and capital spend toward security initiatives. Even the most advanced “next generation” application layer firewalls filtering malicious traffic at the network perimeter have only revealed equal if not greater threats within. To help counter this internal threat, organizations have invested heavily in internal monitoring and other advanced security controls that inspect traffic at all layers of the OSI stack to identify malicious activity and stop it before it reaches the destination, or to issue an alert on the activity alone.