Telecommunication Services of T&T (TSTT) is celebrating the doubling of customers connected to its fibre network. In a statement, CEO Dr. Ronald Walcott reiterated that the company’s fibre network had reached a footprint of more than 100,000 homes in December.

He said, “This is nothing short of meteoric considering that in May 2017, TSTT announced its plans to purchase Massy Communications (now known as AMPLIA Communications). The combined fibre network of both covered just about 54,000 homes. This represents a 200 per cent expansion in just seven months, helping TSTT to reach its five-year goal of reaching 200,000 homes.”

Walcott added that installing a fibre-based network and expanding TSTT’s existing Fixed Wireless Broadband Long-Term Evolution network will provide an opportunity for improved service delivery to existing and potential customers, as well as increase revenue for the telecom company.

“Our improved network will support a solid foundation that provides reliable, ‘lightning speed’ access for customers and users, an imperative for our competitive advantage and business’ survival.”

Regarding Tobago, he said the island has been one of the key beneficiaries of TSTT’s fibre expansion programme, with as much as 80 per cent of all households falling within the catchment area of the network. He added that “TSTT’s universal access philosophy has enabled the company to focus on areas that have been under-served by other service providers. “

According to Walcott, in Tobago TSTT has a base of 17,000 homes and in communities like Penal and Santa Flora, customers have embraced TSTT for being digitally inclusive by empowering the residents with access to the most advanced communications solutions

“TSTT’s investment in future-proofing its network along with our convergence strategy of becoming a broadband company will provide long term financial viability and sustainability. We must therefore remain committed to our Digital Transformation efforts because there simply is no other way,” Walcott said.