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Scopes is a retargetable programming language & infrastructure.

  • Current Release: 0.11
  • Previous Release: 0.10

See Downloads for older releases.

  • Designed for programming of realtime applications such as games and video/audio processing apps.
  • Targets 64-bit Linux, Windows and macOS as well as SPIR-V and GLSL.
  • Visual Studio Code extension available.
  • Combines the expressivity of Scheme with the convenience of Python, Lua or Javascript and the performance and runtime model of C.
  • Statically typed but fully inferred type system.
  • Supports tail-recursive closures as zero-cost abstraction.
  • Support for live code generation as well as offline compilation.
  • Inferred constant expressions enable explicit deterministic partial evaluation.
  • Minimalist self-expanding design: 18K lines of C++, 4K lines of Scopes.
  • Built with LLVM and clang for multi-stage programming features and overhead-free interoperability with C libraries.
  • Open Source MIT licensed.

See Documentation for more information.

For questions, you can write a mail or join the #scopes IRC channel on Freenode. For bugs, please file an issue.