Lords Vote to Block Suspension of Parliament: Brexit Update

(Bloomberg) — The U.K.’s House of Lords backed a move designed to make a no-deal Brexit more difficult by stopping the next prime minister from closing down Parliament. The plan won’t become law until it has also been passed by members of Parliament in the Commons, where it is likely to face stronger opposition from pro-Brexit politicians.

‘Tell Them to Leave’: Trump Sics Rally Crowd on ‘The Squad’

vicious…F-word” against him, alleging, “that’s not somebody that loves our country.”” data-reactid=”16″>At an arena rally in Greenville, North Carolina, on Wednesday evening, President Donald Trump quadrupled down on his recent racist attacks on four female Democratic lawmakers. He also chastised one of them for using “the big, fat, vicious…F-word” against him, alleging, “that’s not somebody that loves our country.”

The top 3 emerging technologies posing a cyber-threat our Critical National Infrastructure


In the last few years, we’ve seen digital transformation take over the mindset of businesses and there has been a huge push to ensure that organizations in all sectors are adopting technology that is at the forefront of innovation. Every sector from marketing to manufacturing now has some aspect of digitalization and we’re seeing everything from AI to quantum computing being embraced to leverage greater efficiency, service and profitability.

Facebook’s regulation dodge: Let us, or China will

Facebook is leaning on fears of China exporting its authoritarian social values to counter arguments that it should be broken up or slowed down. Its top executives have each claimed that if the U.S. limits its size, blocks its acquisitions or bans its cryptocurrency, Chinese company’s absent these restrictions will win abroad, bringing more power and data to their government. CEO Mark Zuckerberg, COO Sheryl Sandberg and VP of communications Nick Clegg have all expressed this position.

Telecoms Giant Sprint Suffers Data Breach via Samsung Website

It has been reported that American telecommunications provider Sprint has suffered a data breach, telling customers that hackers broke into their accounts through a Samsung website. The number of customer accounts breached isn’t yet known. The hack occurred June 22, Sprint told its customers in a letter, and included details like first and last name, billing address, phone number, subscriber ID, account number, device type, device ID, monthly charges, account creation date, upgrade eligibility and any add-on services. It occurred via the Samsung “add a line” website.  

The Value of Threat Intelligence for Incident Response Teams (Part 3)

This is the third blog in a three-part series where we examine how security teams manage their security incident response processes. In the first blog, we highlighted the challenges faced when trying to mitigate security incidents and how constraints force many teams into taking a reactive approach. In the second blog, we explained how threat intelligence minimizes reactivity and helps incident response teams take a more proactive approach to mitigating vulnerabilities and defending against cyber threats. In this blog, we examine some real-world use cases that demonstrate the value of threat intelligence for incident response teams and how to avoid threat intelligence “abuse.”