Experiences from Cybersecurity Leaders in Extraordinary Times: Adjustments and Outcomes

The sudden move to telework this year imbued the word “challenge” with new meaning for security executives. Within a matter of days and weeks, many of these leaders had to figure out how they could rework their employers’ security policies in such a way that supported a massive shift to working from home. This period required significant ingenuity and unprecedented forward thinking, not to mention a deep understanding of their employers’ overall security needs.

How to Integrate Automation Responsibly

August 5, 2020 • The Recorded Future Team

Many organizations have fragmented information that is dispersed across legacy and modern databases. Streamlining such data can become laborious, requiring coordination across multiple system owners, while ensuring data quality remains high and error free. In addition, with corporate infrastructure rarely operating on a flat network, the problem is further compounded by complexity. Maintaining a balance between such challenges can be a delicate process.