My precious: security, privacy, and smart jewelry

Emery was staring at her computer screen for almost an hour, eyes already lackluster as the full-page ad on Motiv looped once more. She was contemplating whether she’d give in and get her boyfriend Ben a new fitness tracker as a present for his upcoming marathon. The phone app he was currently using worked, but Ben never got used to wearing his iPhone on his arm. In fact, the weight of it distracted him.

State-Sponsored Actors Focus Attacks on Asia

Southeast Asia is the most actively attacked region, accordingly to Cyber Security firm, Group-IB. Their annual Hi-Tech Crime Trends Report 2018 advises, “In just one year, 21 state-sponsored groups were detected in this area, which is more than in the United States and Europe.” Although, not only state-sponsored groups are focusing their attention on this region and criminal organisations such as Cobalt have been observed.

Singles’ Day Blows Away Its Own Records

Singles’ Day in China is the world’s largest shopping event. Since its beginnings in 1993 at Nanjing University, it has grown to become a national phenomenon. Singles’ Day was originally started as a way to celebrate singles and as a protest against couple-centric festivals. The date 11/11 was chosen because of its resemblance to “bare sticks”, which is Chinese slang for bachelors.

Why you shouldn’t be afraid of nation-state hackers

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When talking about information security, nation-state backed hackers are set up as the ultimate threat. The countries have brilliant hackers, unlimited resources, endless exploits, and they are all after you! Fortunately for us, there are also many more nation state hackers who are not that skilled, on a tight budget, and forced to use off-the-shelf tools. Just because your organization might be of interest to foreign services does not mean that you should just give up.

TrickBot takes over as top business threat

Last quarter brought with it a maddening number of political ads, shocking and divisive news stories on climate change and gun laws, and mosquitoes. We hate mosquitoes. In related unpleasant news, it also apparently ushered in an era of banking Trojans that, as of this moment, shows no signs of slowing down.

Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of Veterans Day Serving Those Who Served

This week marks the 100th Anniversary of Armistice Day and Veterans Day.  With veterans top of mind, Cisco today announces the expansion of CyberVetsUSA, a free cybersecurity training program for eligible veterans, transitioning service members, military spouses, and members of the Reserves and National Guard who are interested in pursuing a cybersecurity career in North Carolina.  Cisco, along with industry partners AWS, Fortinet, (ISC)2, Palo Alto Networks, NetApp, and NDG, is offering FREE access to online cyber training and certification to help veterans find meaningful work and address the cyber workforce shortage.  A similar program was launched earlier this month in Maryland in collaboration with the governor’s office and several public and private-sector partners.  In addition, Cisco also announced this week the Talent Bridge for Veterans Matching Engine, a free tool for veterans to find tech careers across Cisco’s partner ecosystem.

Nordstrom Suffers Data Breach

It was reported that Nordstrom suffered a breach at the hands of a careless employee, exposing highly sensitive information of 76,000 former and current employees. The exposed information includes employee names, Social Security numbers, dates of birth, checking account and routing numbers, salaries and more. IT security experts commented below.

HITRUST Common Security Framework – Improving Cyber Resilience?

A few weeks ago, Anthem agreed to a record $16 million HIPPA settlement with federal regulators to close the chapter on a data breach that exposed data on nearly 79 million individuals in 2015. This payment is in addition to the $115 million Anthem shelled out as part of a class-action lawsuit over the same breach in 2017. This latest settlement revealed new details about the breach, including the fact that Anthem was audited and certified under the HITRUST Common Security Framework (CSF) just five months before hackers were able to infiltrate its computer systems. This raises questions regarding the effectiveness of compliance audits.

We tried Amazon’s bizarre Alexa microwave and weren’t convinced

I’m a fan of Alexa and of voice computing in general. But when Amazon said it was putting Alexa into a microwave, I wasn’t so sure. The value in voice computing is being able to get to news, information, music hands-free, as well as perform simple tasks, including those for the smart home – like changing the thermostat from downstairs, or taking a peek at your security camera video from your Echo Show. But a microwave? Really?