IDG Contributor Network: The 4 decision makers at each company who drive how IoT is used

Internet of Things (IoT) is becoming important to remain competitive for almost every industry out there. Business goals for implementing IoT can range from improving internal operations to offering completely new services to improving regulatory compliance. But who at each company should be responsible for digging into this new world and defining how to implement IoT? We’ve learned that it’s important to have supporters across several groups to develop a truly successful IoT solution:

YouTube Will ‘Frustrate’ Some Users With Ads So They Pay for Music

YouTube will increase the number of ads that some users see between music videos, part of a strategy to convince more of its billion-plus viewers to pay for a forthcoming subscription music service from the Google-owned video site. Bloomberg: People who treat YouTube like a music service, those passively listening for long periods of time, will encounter more ads, according to Lyor Cohen, the company’s global head of music. “You’re not going to be happy after you are jamming ‘Stairway to Heaven’ and you get an ad right after that,” Cohen said in an interview at the South by Southwest music festival. Cohen is trying to prove that YouTube is committed to making people pay for music and silence the “noise” about his company’s purported harm to the recording industry. The labels companies have long criticized YouTube for hosting videos that violate copyrights, and not paying artists and record companies enough.

Canada Is Pissed Off About Facebook and Cambridge Analytica

Over the weekend, a series of media reports revealed that a data analytics firm hired by the Trump campaign to target voters, called Cambridge Analytica, obtained information on 50 million people from a researcher who scraped it from Facebook. It wasn’t a breach, but it was a startling reminder of how Facebook as a platform can be made to work against users’ interests without their knowledge.

IDG Contributor Network: Managing and securing the corporate WAN is the top challenge for network professionals

In December 2017, Versa Networks in tandem with Dimensional Research conducted a survey examining hundreds of participants across five continents with the primary goal of capturing how companies are managing and securing their network across branch locations. In addition, the research also investigated the expected benefits and challenges of a software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) and revealed trends when compared to a similar survey conducted in 2016.

Pandora doubles down on ad tech with acquisition of AdsWizz for $145 million

Pandora announced this morning it’s acquiring digital audio ad technology firm AdsWizz for $145 million, as a combination of at least 50 percent cash, with the remaining paid in either cash or stock at Pandora’s discretion. The company, whose technology will be used to upgrade Pandora’s own ad tech capabilities, will continue as a subsidiary headed by CEO Alexis van de Wyer.

Supersensitive Accelerometer Could Be the Answer to Better Drone Control


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Accelerometers are everywhere. You’ve probably got at least one on your person right now. But today’s run-of-the-mill accelerometers—MEMS devices that measure a minute change in capacitance—just aren’t very sensitive. They’re built to fit into smartwatches and smaller things, and that small size hampers how well they can sense changes. Engineers in Florida have now come up with a new take on the accelerometer that is as much as 1 million times as sensitive as a typical smartphone accelerometer, and it maintains that sensitivity up to a car-crash-scale 100 gs.

Roblox, the Club Penguin for Gen Z, is now cash-flow positive

I’m familiar with Roblox because my 8-year old daughter watches YouTube videos of kids playing the game almost every day. I’m also familiar with Roblox because she whined while we were running errands one weekend that she needed to “get on the internet right now” because she had scheduled a playdate with a friend in Roblox. And I’m familiar with Roblox because the other day, she uttered, “ugh, this obby,” which forced me to turn to Google like the old person I am to find out what the heck an obby was.

Google’s Cloud Security Command Center Should Help Stop Data Leaks

There’s a seemingly never-ending stream of incidents in which data stored in the cloud turns out to have been exposed to the open internet for weeks. Or months. Or years. These leaks aren’t necessarily related to targeted attacks or breaches, but they are dangerous exposures that stem from small setup mistakes. Maybe sensitive information wound up in a cloud repository where it didn’t belong. Or data was stored in the cloud so anyone could access it without authentication controls. Or someone never changed a default password. Now, as part of a broader slew of cloud security announcements, Google Cloud Platforms will offer a potential solution to the chronic problem of misconfigured cloud buckets.