Zuckerberg tells Congress Facebook is not listening to you through your phone

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg officially shot down the conspiracy theory that the social network has some way of keeping tabs on its users by tapping into the mics on people’s smartphones. During Zuckerberg’s testimony before the Senate this afternoon, Senator Gary Peters had asked the CEO if the social network is mining audio from mobile devices — something his constituents have been asking him about, he said.

What is GDPR? Why is it Important for Business?

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According to a report by PwC, cybercrime was the second most reported crime in 2016. In addition, the National Crime Agency reports that cybercrime now accounts for more than 50% of all crimes in the UK. Unfortunately, it takes 146 days for security experts to detect that an attack has occurred, according to Microsoft. As a result, the GDPR was passed into law in the European Union n April 2016.

Securing messages published to Amazon SNS with AWS PrivateLink

Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS) now supports VPC Endpoints (VPCE) via AWS PrivateLink. You can use VPC Endpoints to privately publish messages to SNS topics, from an Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), without traversing the public internet. When you use AWS PrivateLink, you don’t need to set up an Internet Gateway (IGW), Network Address Translation (NAT) device, or Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection. You don’t need to use public IP addresses, either.

Verizon Report Finds More Cybersecurity Gains Than Losses

The annual Data Breach Investigations Report from Verizon usually provides cybersecurity professionals with some cold comfort. This year’s report covering 53,000 security incidents, including 2,216 confirmed data breaches, is no exception. Highlights of the report include the fact that almost three-quarters (73 percent) of cyberattacks were perpetrated by outsiders. Members of organized criminal groups were behind half of all breaches, with nation-state or state-affiliated actors accounting for 12 percent. The rest (28 percent) involved insiders.

VERT Threat Alert: April 2018 Patch Tuesday Analysis

Today’s VERT Alert addresses Microsoft’s April 2018 Security Updates. VERT is actively working on coverage for these vulnerabilities and expects to ship ASPL-773 on Wednesday, April 10th.In-The-Wild & Disclosed CVEsCVE-2018-1034A vulnerability in SharePoint Server could allow specially crafted web requests to read unauthorized content or perform actions in the context of an authorized user. This attack is possible due to a failure to properly sanitize certain web requests and the update ensures proper sanitization occurs.Microsoft has rated this as a 3 on the Exploitability Index (Exploitation Unlikely)CVE Breakdown by TagWhile historical Microsoft Security Bulletin groupings are gone, Microsoft vulnerabilities are tagged with an identifier. This list provides a breakdown of the CVEs on a per tag basis.Other InformationIn addition to the Microsoft vulnerabilities included in the April Security Guidance, a number of security advisories were also made available.April 2018 Adobe Flash Security Update [ADV180007]Microsoft released updates for Adobe Flash. These correspond with Adobe Update APSB18-08. This includes fixes for CVE-2018-4932, CVE-2018-4933, CVE-2018-4934, CVE-2018-4935, CVE-2018-4936, and CVE-2018-4937.

The FCC’s Big Problem with Small Satellites


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When officials at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) denied launch authorization for four innovative satellites from startup Swarm Technologies last December, the agency was unequivocal as to the reason. “The applicant proposes to deploy and operate four spacecraft that are smaller than 10 centimeters in one of their three dimensions,” read a letter to Swarm’s CEO and founder Sara Spangelo. “These spacecraft are therefore below the size threshold at which detection by the Space Surveillance Network can be considered routine.”

How to Tune Your Database Security to Protect Big Data

As digital information and data continues to accumulate worldwide, new big data solutions grow more and more popular. The introduction of IoT into our lifestyle, which turns appliances into smart data logging machines, along with organizations tracking behaviors for data science and research purposes, has made the move into big data storage inevitable.