IBM brings its Power9 servers with Nvidia GPUs to its cloud

IBM is hosing its annual THINK conference to packed halls in Las Vegas this week. Given how important its cloud business has become to its bottom line, it’s no surprise that this event features its fair share of cloud news. Among today’s announcements it the launch of the third generation of Power Systems servers in the IBM Cloud. This comes a day after Google also confirmed that it is using these processors in its data centers, too.

Reduce GPS data error on Android with Kalman filter and accelerometer

The Russian version available here.


One day I got a cool task to improve the accuracy of positioning and distance calculating based on GPS data on Android devices. After some research, I found that different GPS-receivers produce different errors. The accuracy of the GPS point can be influenced by buildings, big trees, various weather conditions and by the satellites configuration. GPS gives nice values to detect one-time position, but its accuracy is not enough when using stream of GPS data to calculate distance and cost of taxi-services. The received data is not suitable due to the error accumulation. The error accumulation may lead to 400% of overpricing and to customers dissatisfaction as the result.