Report: Turkey-backed forces push into Syrian town of Afrin

ISTANBUL (AP) — A Turkish news agency and Syrian activists say Turkey-backed forces have reached the center of the Syrian town of Afrin, the target of a nearly two-month-old Turkish offensive against a Syrian Kurdish militia.Turkey views the Kurdish forces in the Afrin enclave along the border as terrorists because of their links to the Kurdish insurgency inside Turkey.Turkey’s private Dogan news agency on Sunday reported that the Turkish-backed Syrian fighters “established control” in the town center. Footage showed armed men walking among derelict buildings amid sporadic gunfire.The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says the Syrian fighters entered the town with Turkish forces amid intensive airstrikes. Thousands of residents have fled in recent days.

Ask Slashdot: How Can I Prove My ISP Slows Certain Traffic?

Long-time Slashdot reader GerryGilmore is “a basically pretty knowledgeable Linux guy totally comfortable with the command line.” But unfortunately, he lives in north Georgia, “where we have a monopoly ISP provider…whose service overall could charitably be described as iffy.” Sometimes, I have noticed that certain services like Netflix and/or HBONow will be ridiculously slow, but — when I run an internet speed test from my Linux laptop — the basic throughput is what it’s supposed to be for my DSL service. That is, about 3Mbps due to my distance from the nearest CO. Other basic web browsing seems to be fine… I don’t know enough about network tracing to be able to identify where/why such severe slowdowns in certain circumstances are occurring.Slashdot reader darkharlequin has also noticed a speed decrease on Comcast “that magickally resolves when I run internet speed tests.” But if the original submitter’s

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