A cure for the common cold call: freeze them out

The phone rings and it’s a number I don’t recognize. That’s enough to bring my mood down a few degrees. It shouldn’t, but unfortunately experience has taught me that at least 95 percent of the calls from numbers that are “private” or that I don’t have an account name stored for on my phone are so-called cold calls.

New York power companies can charge cryptocurrency miners more money – CNET

Power companies in New York can charge cryptocurrency companies in the state higher electricity rates, the New York State Public Service Commission ruled Thursday

Feds: Secure Smartphone Service Helped Drug Cartels

Cybercrime , Encryption , Mobility

Smartphones Allegedly Helped Criminals Move Drugs While Evading Law Enforcement

Benz remotely controlled vehicle stuck in cruise control mode for 1h at 120km/h

Close call! Driver loses control of vehicle at 120km/h for 1 hour on Chinese highway

Uber could supply Toyota with self-driving systems, report claims – Roadshow

Toyota Research Institute might be hard at work on its own self-driving vehicle system, but it might also rely on Uber’s efforts in the same space.

How to Restore the Classic Network Activity Indicator in Windows 10

When I was reinstalling Windows 10 a few weeks ago, a thought occurred: I miss the old blinking network activity indicator, which used to give you an easy way to confirm your connection is working (and with a mouse over, an idea of how much data you’re pulling down.)

UK.gov told: Draw up code of practice for cops bulk-slurping car plates

UK government will be forced to debate a code of practice for cops’ use of automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) systems after Labour MPs tabled an amendment to the Data Protection Bill.

Mechanisms: Gears

Even before the Industrial Revolution, gears of one kind or another have been put to work both for and against us. From ancient water wheels and windmills that ground grain and pounded flax, to the drive trains that power machines of war from siege engines to main battle tanks, gears have been essential parts of almost every mechanical device ever built. The next installment of our series on Mechanisms will take a brief look at gears and their applications.

Voice Chat App Zello Turned a Blind Eye to Jihadis for Years

In the early morning of September 9, 2016, Bill Moore, CEO of the Austin-based walkie-talkie app company Zello, contacted the Middle East Media Research Institute. He was seeking a copy of a report MEMRI had recently published describing how ISIS members and supporters were using Zello, which allows people to send voice messages to each other in private and also public channels. Moore had learned about the findings through a Google Alert.

Anker’s Nebula Capsule portable projector is a pocket powerhouse

Anker is a device maker that’s rapidly become a go-to brand for affordable, quality accessories include cables, chargers and backup batteries. More recently, it’s started to branch out into additional areas, including projectors through its Nebula brand. The Nebula Capsule is the latest product from that line, a super portable projector with an Android-based OS, a built-in battery and the ability to double as a Bluetooth speaker.

Village Global raises $100M seed scout fund from Zuck, Bezos…

It takes a village to grow a startup, so Village Global is offering access to a deep network of top tech execs to lure founders to its seed fund. Today, Village Global announced it’s raised $100 million for that fund that was first unveiled in September.

Marcus Smart Hopes to Return for Playoffs After Surgery on Thumb Injury

Michael Dwyer/Associated Press

There is reportedly hope for Boston Celtics guard Marcus Smart to return during the NBA playoffs despite a thumb injury, according to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski.

Ben’s Book of the Month: Review of “The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR): A Practical Guide”

It was about 20 years ago that the Y2K problem had firms scrambling to fix the issue. At its core, it was a rather simple problem to fix. Firms just had to change a 2-digit year field to a 4-digit field. But the devil, as always, was in the details and firms struggled to understand how many applications they had, and where the date fields resided in their massive code base. Many Fortune 500 firms took 6-months or more just to get a listing of the applications that were potentially problematic.

Jose Mourinho Goes Off About Spending in Press Conference Rant

OLI SCARFF/Getty Images

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho has passionately defended his methods during a press conference on Friday after the Red Devils limped out of the UEFA Champions League at home to Sevilla.

Google expands its Cloud Platform region in the Netherlands

Google today announced that it has expanded its recently launched Cloud Platform region in the Netherlands with an additional zone. The investment, which is worth a reported 500 million euros, expands the existing Netherlands region from two to three regions. With this, all four of the Central European Google Cloud Platform zones now feature three zones (which are akin to what AWS would call “availability zones”) that allow developers to build highly available services across multiple data centers.

Out-of-control ski lift speeds downhill and flings skiers off their seats

A ski lift in Georgia (the country, not US state) went haywire went it lost its brakes and sent passengers downhill, picking up speed and flinging skiers off the lift. The stuff of nightmares.