Cloud Mac Management

The IT network is changing, and it has been for over a decade now. All of the IT infrastructure that used to be dominated by Microsoft® Windows® has since grown into heterogeneous environments including macOS® and Linux® systems. These two platforms have entered the workforce in droves, and they are creating headaches for IT admins at the same time. The main challenge that IT admins are encountering with these solutions is figuring out how to effectively implement macOS management into a modern IT network. Fortunately, a next generation cloud Mac® management solution is emerging to help solve these problems.

New Fakebank Android Malware

Late last week researchers at Symantec warned of a new variant of the Fakebank Android malware family that has an unusual twist. Once installed the malware will intercept mobile calls you attempt to make to your bank, and instead direct them to a scammer impersonating an agent working for the bank. Furthermore, the malware will intercept calls from the *scammers*, and display a fake caller ID to make it appear as though the call is really from the legitimate bank. IT security experts commented below.

Google Is Buying Innovative Camera Startup Lytro For $40 Million

According to TechCrunch, Google is acquiring Lytro, the imaging startup that began as a ground-breaking camera company for consumers before pivoting to use its depth-data, light-field technology in VR. From the report: One source described the deal as an “asset sale” with Lytro going for no more than $40 million. Another source said the price was even lower: $25 million and that it was shopped around — to Facebook, according to one source; and possibly to Apple, according to another. A separate person told us that not all employees are coming over with the company’s technology: some have already received severance and parted ways with the company, and others have simply left. Assets would presumably also include Lytro’s 59 patents related to light-field and other digital imaging technology. The sale would be far from a big win for Lytro and its backers. The startup has raised just over $200 million in funding and was valued at around $360 million after its last round in 2017, according to

data from PitchBook

First impressions of the $199 Oculus Go VR headset

Virtual reality seems to have become a very tired topic to consumers, products are still getting made though because big tech companies are convinced of its eventual ubiquity. The challenge now becomes attracting attention from people whose attention spans for what you’re selling has perhaps already timed out.

Mark Zuckerberg Q&A: The Facebook CEO Talks Cambridge Analytica, the Company’s Problems, and Big Data

For the past four days, Facebook has been taken to the woodshed by critics, the stock market, and regulators after it was reported that the data-science firm Cambridge Analytica obtained the data of 50 million Facebook users. Until Wednesday, Mark Zuckerberg had stayed silent. On Wednesday afternoon, though, he addressed the problem in a personal Facebook post and laid out some of the solutions he will introduce.