Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. has officially confirmed a cyberattack on one of its servers managed by Yamaha Motor Philippines, Inc. (YMPH).

The Yamaha Motor cyberattack, previously reported by The Cyber Express, purportedly linked to the notorious INC Ransom ransomware group, took place on October 25. This incident involved unauthorized server access, culminating in a ransomware infection.

While confirming the cyberattack on Yamaha Motor as a ransomware incident, the company opted not to disclose the specific hacker group responsible.

Yamaha Motor Cyberattack Confirmed

Yamaha Motor has acknowledged the confirmation of a partial leakage of employees’ personal information stored within the company.

Upon discovering the cyberattack, Yamaha Motor’s IT Center in Japan and YMPH swiftly established a countermeasures team. Efforts are underway to prevent further damage, investigate the full scope of the impacts, and collaborate with an external internet security company for recovery.

However, the company anticipates that it will take some time to assess the full extent of the damage.

In an official statement, Yamaha Motor assured that servers and systems not compromised by the attack at YMPH have been restored.

The attack appears to be limited to one of YMPH’s servers, and it has been verified that it has not affected the headquarters or any other companies within the Yamaha Motor group.

The company expressed its regret for any inconvenience and worry caused by the incident. “Yamaha Motor sincerely apologizes for the inconvenience and worry this incident may cause,” reads the official release.

Yamaha Motor Philippines Inc., a significant player in the automotive industry established in 2007, is engaged in the manufacturing of motorcycles, bicycles, and related equipment and parts.

This Yamaha Motors cyberattack draws parallels with a recent attack on Yanfeng International Automotive Technology Co. Ltd., a major Chinese supplier, which caused substantial disruptions to a renowned automaker producing Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and Ram models. T

The increasing frequency of cyberattacks in the automotive sector emphasizes the urgent need for collaboration between industry stakeholders and cybersecurity experts to implement robust measures, ensuring the resilience of the automotive landscape against mounting cyber challenges.

The incidents involving Yamaha Motor cyberattack and Yanfeng International Automotive Technology Co. Ltd. highlight the importance of a united front against cyber threats. The repercussions extend beyond individual companies, affecting the industry at large.

The Yamaha Motor cyberattack serves as a reminder for companies to prioritize cybersecurity and collaborate to safeguard the integrity of the automotive sector in the face of evolving cyber threats.

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