Are you looking for the Ace Stream application and you don’t really know what it is or what its operation entails? This playback app is based on VLC and distributes streaming multimedia content using P2P networks. Its use is not illegal, nor is downloading the application, but access to unauthorized content on certain links may entail risks. In addition, the Android application involves a certain security and privacy risk; whether used on a mobile device or Android TV.

With the rise of IPTV and public lists of television channels, there is an essential tool if we want to have access to all that content on our smartphone, tablet or television: an IPTV application. There are many available, just do a search on Google Play to discover that the field is more than subscribed. Although there are proper names that in themselves have great prominence, such as Ace Stream. Have you read about this app and You don’t really know how it works and what you can do with it.? You came to the right place.

Ace Stream is an application that comes empty as standard

Ace Stream on Android

Like all applications of this style that are based on playback channels, Ace Stream does not include content as soon as it is installed. That is, you need a streaming ID; address from which Ace Stream will download what it needs to play it on the device screen, whether it is a mobile device such as a tablet or Android TV. And this is where the aura that surrounds the application lies: although Ace Stream is perfectly valid for playing legal content, its use for the opposite has become popular.

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The streaming client is available in the Google Play store for download on most Android devices, including TV – just do a search. The download is available in the Spanish Android store and opens the door to use in this operating system. It does not involve too much mystery in its use beyond opening the application, clicking on the three upper menu points and loading the desired ID.

Although the Android application is openly available in Spain, the website does appear blocked: LaLiga and Movistar include it in a list along with 78 other web addresses. The Ace Stream app does not violate the law, Yes, playback from unauthorized content IDs can be done. You have to be very careful with how you use the application, just like with the rest of the apps related to IPTV.

Regarding the security of the software itself, we have downloaded Ace Stream from Google Play, and then passed it through Virus Total, and We have found a positive for Trojan (The same goes for the APK downloaded from the Ace Stream website). Trend Micro detected it, it is relatively common for it to jump in APKs without posing a real danger, but it is worth taking into account if security is valued. Ace Stream is based on VLC, it is also based on free code and has its own GitHub, somewhat outdated as far as Android versions are concerned. The currently distributed versions of the apps are developed by Innovative Digital Technologies and have largely moved away from their Open Source base: this company collects a huge amount of usage data. And of which we have not found any legal record, on the other hand.

The Ace Stream website is not visible from Spain due to legal requirements: Movistar and LaLiga obtained the blockage after a complaint in court

As stated in the Ace Stream privacy policy (we link the page through the Wayback Machine because Your website is not visible in Spain due to legal requirements), the service collects data from the application and its use such as the Internet provider, the device ID, the phone’s IMEI, all its installed apps, the MAC address of the modem and WiFi data. Furthermore, said data is associated with the username, since Ace Stream requires registration for its use (although it is not essential, it does get very annoying with it).

Use at your own risk

Ace Stream

As a tool, Ace Stream covers a huge range of uses. Anyone can broadcast their own event without violating rights, P2P is perfect for the task, although the truth is that the service is often used for the opposite, especially to obtain unauthorized access to sporting events. From Móvil we do not recommend these uses. Furthermore, the software itself raises questions: now that you know what it entails, use it at your own risk.

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