OnePlus It is a company that usually launches mobile phones with an interesting proposal: good hardware and a good quality-price ratio, at least in many cases. While we wait for the arrival of the OnePlus 12, some rumors mentioned that the company was working on something related to music, “a speaker,” it was speculated. But the latest release from the company founded by Pete Lau and Carl Pei It’s something completely unexpected.

It is an online tool for create music using artificial intelligence. A generative tool for music, which with very simple prompts offers interesting results. Or rather: interesting, but not perfect. At least not currently.

Create a song with a few clicks and a line of text

OnePlus AI Music Studio is an AI tool that is available directly on the web. The app can generate the music and even the lyrics and voices for a songwhich will be accompanied by a video also generated by AI, related to the theme of the song (although sometimes it is not very precise).

To use the web application you only need to create an account with an email and a password, It is not necessary to have a OnePlus mobile Nothing like that. Once you log in, the interface offers a series of options to define the style of the music:

  • Select a genre: RAP, EDM (electronic dance music) or Pop
  • Select a “mood” or style for the song: happy, energetic, romantic or sad
  • Select the theme for the music video: cyberpunk, natural, study and work, travel, random and “AI music video”. This last option is not yet available

From my testing, it seems that the style of the music video can also influence the style of the music in some way. That’s the impression I got when creating an energetic Pop song with a Cyberpunk style video, the sound is led by synthesizers, similar to the style of the musical subgenre known as synthwave.

I didn't expect that ChatGPT could surprise me more, until I tried chatting with it. He broke the barrier of reality

Once you choose between the options, the next step will be to indicate the theme of your song in a simple line of text. For now, it only works in English, and depending on the topic the tool will use the prompt to create the lyrics of the songif any (two of the EDM genre songs I created were completely instrumental).

It is possible to ask the app to generate new letters if we are not happy with the result. Finally, we press create song and let the tool do its magic.

Oneplus Ai Music Studio Lyrics

As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, the result is more than interesting and even fun, with good musical rhythms, but it’s far from perfect. When the song has singers’ voices, they are usually melodic but still they feel artificiala little robotic.

OnePlus’ AI Music Studio is not the first tool of its kind to create music using AI. In fact, Google launched its own generative music app in early 2023, with really amazing results. Only time will tell if this is a first step in OnePlus’ new ambition in terms of AI, or simply a fun app they have launched to get on the artificial intelligence trend. Either way, I hope they add more genres and possibilities to this tool in the future.

Below you can listen to two of my tests: the first is a song energetic style pop with cyberpunk video called “Seize the day,” which includes music and voice. The second song is genre EDM (electronic music) with happy style and a travel video, called “I found you on the beach.” Please don’t judge my lack of creativity when coming up with song titles.

You can try the tool and create music with AI from the website.

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