iOS 17 is still susceptible to DoS attacks through a device known as Flipper Zero, which takes advantage of the BLE protocol and can leave an iPhone or iPad completely unusable.

iOS 17 still has an alarming bug unsolved.

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You may remember when last November we talked about a small device that could “break” iPhones. This device is none other than one known as Flipper Zero, which fills Apple phones with fake Bluetooth connection notifications until they manage to force it into an infinite loop of reboots.

It was expected that with the arrival of iOS 17 this problem could be corrected, but the truth is that, as reported in 9to5Mac, the exploit that Flipper Zero takes advantage of it hasn’t been patched yet. So what does that mean for iOS users?

What is Apple doing to fix the problem?

Well for now we can say that not doing much. Those from Cupertino have yet to recognize the bug that is being exploited. There may be a technical reason for them not to do this, but there is a popular belief on the Internet that the reason is that they don’t take the exploit too seriously as a threat.

Flipper Zero, in and of itself, is a harmless device. However, since it has open source firmware, it can be modified to become a device with which to launch denial of service (DoS) attacks that target iPhones and iPads.

What’s more, according to a post on X (former Twitter) by security researcher Techryptic, Ph.D, these devices even with airplane mode they are not safe:

Flipper Zero’s attack uses a weakness in the linking sequence of the Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE) protocol. Apple uses various BLE technologies within its ecosystem. This protocol uses packets to identify local devices on iPhones and iPads and thanks to them this type of attack can be carried out.

For now, unfortunately, there is no possible protection against these types of attacks. The only thing you can do is disable Bluetooth if you start to see a lot of notifications with pairing requests, which is not a long-term solution. In addition, with each reboot or iOS update, Bluetooth is reactivated.

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