The change of leadership at OpenAI gives Apple more reasons to accelerate its work on AI!

Apple could face one less competitor in AI

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A few days ago, the CEO of OpenAI, a great admirer of Steve Jobs, starred in an episode similar to that of his reference, when he was fired from the company he founded. Of course, The departure of Sam Altman from OpenAI, creator of ChatGPT, directly to Microsoft, has generated an uncertain outlook with many questions between both firms and the field of Artificial Intelligence in general. While this is resolved, Apple could benefit.

This crisis could give Apple time to catch up in the development of generative AI similar to the one developed by OpenAI with ChatGPT or Google with Bard. During this year, Apple has been rumored to be working on its own large language model technology, including the AppleGPT chatbot software.

Apple has a new opportunity in AI

During the fiscal results conference for the fourth quarter of 2023, Tim Cook (CEO) provided valuable information regarding Apple’s future strategies related to the field of AI.

Tim Cook refused to answer how Apple will monetize in the field of artificial intelligence, but assured that “they are investing quite a bit” in generative AI. To which he added that in the future we would see “product advancements” that encompass artificial intelligence.

In addition, warned that Apple will always be very “responsible” regarding how to offer artificial intelligence generative on your devices.

Although Apple is a secretive company in terms of its progress, Cook’s confirmation in this regard is a great sign that it will not be left behind. And although also It is true that Apple manages its own times, the exponential advance in the field of Artificial Intelligence could force it to change this strategy.

For now, the situation between OpenAI – Altman seems far from coinciding at a point of balance, but Microsoft does. After Altman’s firing last Friday, Microsoft announced that this and other key OpenAI members would be joining the company to help with its AI innovation.

Yesterday, more than 500 OpenAI employees threatened to quit unless Altman returns and the current board resigns. Therefore, it is still likely that Altman could return to lead OpenAI.

But be that as it may, Microsoft is the owner of a huge advantage in AI. On the one hand, he is the main shareholder of the chat creator GPT and if nothing changes, he would be Altman’s new boss.

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