Notorious hacking group LockBit has claimed responsibility for breaching the security of On Your Mark, a non-profit organization based in Brooklyn and Staten Island. On Your Mark is dedicated to providing assistance to children, adults, and their families dealing with developmental disabilities such as autism, cerebral palsy, and traumatic brain injuries.

The security breach targeting On Your Mark’s sensitive data has raised concerns about the potential compromise of confidential information related to the individuals and families that the NGO serves. However, specific details regarding the extent of the data compromise have not yet been disclosed.

On Your Mark Security Breach

The security breach poses a significant threat to the privacy and security of those who rely on the organization for support in coping with developmental disabilities.

The online community swiftly responded to LockBit’s actions, condemning the breach of a charitable organization dedicated to assisting vulnerable populations.

Numerous individuals expressed their outrage and concern on Platform X (formerly known as Twitter), emphasizing the importance of protecting organizations that serve communities in need.

One of the user tweeted, “slow clap, LockBit!”

On Your Mark security breach
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Another tweeted, “Their ethical standards depend on the phases of the moon and rising of the tides. Despite the backlash against BianLian, some affiliates did not learn that lesson.”

On Your Mark security breach
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“That affiliate should be banned and a decryption key given,” another tweet reads.

On Your Mark security breach
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The Cyber Express reached out to the NGO to verify the claim of the On Your Mark security breach, however, the response from the officials is still awaited.

Notably, On Your Mark’s official website remains fully functional, raising questions about the authenticity of the claim and whether this is a ploy by the hacking group to gain attention.

LockBit Previous Attacks

LockBit, known for its brazen cyber intrusions, did not hesitate to take credit for the breach and publicly declared its actions, leaving the affected organization and its stakeholders grappling with the aftermath.

In November’s first week, the group claimed responsibility for attacks on Shimano, a Japanese bicycle parts manufacturing giant, and MicroTrain Technologies, an IT training and certification company.

The repercussions of this cyberattack highlight the growing threat of cybercrime against organizations of all sizes, including non-profits. As society becomes more reliant on digital infrastructure, the vulnerability of such organizations to malicious actors increases.

The On Your Mark security breach serves as a reminder that no entity, regardless of its mission, is immune to the evolving tactics of cybercriminals.

Organizations must prioritize cybersecurity and invest in preventative measures to protect sensitive information and safeguard the privacy of their clients, employees, and stakeholders.

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