Skinny pants are back in fashion and the wall will return to a meta application, although not to Facebook, but to Instagram. Alessandro Paluzzi has discovered that Instagram is developing a new evolution of its notes that will be called The wall.

Older people will remember the Facebook wall (and other social networks) as a place where anyone could add posts to another person’s profile. On Instagram at first it seems that you will be the one who publishes on your wallalthough being in development we cannot rule out the possibility of leaving messages on the walls of other Instagram profiles in the future.

The Instagram wall

A few months ago Instagram officially launched its notes feature, which is a somewhat confusing way of calling something like short text statuses that live in the Instagram messaging section. In these notes you can share texts and songs and other people can respond to them, like private messages.

Instagram notes are visible for 24 hours and when you write a new note the previous one is deleted, but now Instagram is preparing your own wall so you can wallpaper it with some notes that, now, are not going to expire.

From the hand of the filter @alex193a we found out that the function was initially called Wonder Wall (yes, like the song), although it has later been shortened to simply The wall. Accessible from your profile, here you can add short texts, also of 60 characters maximum, such as notes. Posts are displayed in a collage similar to our notes in Google Keep and similar apps.


Screenshots by Alessandro Paluzzi

The latest iterations of the Instagram wall show that other people you can like and reply (possibly as private messages). It will therefore be a place to add small texts and leave them visible to our followers on Instagram, without resorting to something more elaborate like Threads.

As it is still in development, we don’t know all its details yet, but we may be able to add posts to other people’s walls, if your privacy settings allow it. In that case, we will finally have proof that everything is invented and the Facebook wall will return to Instagram. The Facebook wall, by the way, never left, although it lost a lot mojo precisely since it stopped being called the wall and became simply the “publications” of a profile.

Via | Alessandro Paluzzi

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