Is it possible to connect to a WiFi network without having to enter the password? Yes, and without putting network security at risk with the router’s WPS mode or anything similar. In fact, this is a possibility that is increasingly included in fewer mobile phones for security reasons.

For this I have different tricks that I haven’t discovered either, since they are already classic methods to connect to WiFi without a password. However, I find them most useful for nor have to give the password to whoever comes homesomewhat tedious considering that it is a long key and full of random characters.

The router’s QR is my best friend

Every time I go to a friend or family member’s house for the first time (or first since they changed WiFi) and I want to connect, the first thing I do is See if the router has a sticker with a QR code. Many companies like Movistar have it and connecting is as simple as scanning it.

If it is with an iPhone All I have to do is open the camera app, scan said code and click on the option that appears at the bottom of the app to connect. If it is with an Android You have to enter the settings, go to the connections section and in the Wi-Fi section a QR-shaped icon appears that you have to click on to open the camera and scan the router code.

It is also worth scanning a QR from another mobile

There are times when the Wi-Fi password is changed and the QR on the router is no longer useful. That or it doesn’t have any stickers at all. In those cases, Anyone who is already connected to that network with their mobile can create a QR in a very simple way.


A common method for iOS and Android is to access a website like Qifi, in which you must put the name of the network in ‘SSID’, select the type of encryption in the drop-down menu, the password in the ‘Key’ field and then click on ‘ Generate!’. This will create a QR code that can be scanned from the other mobile phone following the steps discussed in the previous section.

With Wi-Fi but without internet on the mobile: main causes and how to solve them

As an alternative to that page (and others like it), there is a Android’s own mechanism You have to go to the network settings and look for the option to share the Wi-Fi network using a QR code.

In the other case, There is a shortcut for iPhones which allows you to create a QR code in a few seconds. You can download it from this link and, once added, you will only have to run it, enter the network name (it usually detects it automatically) and write the password. In a few seconds a QR will be generated that you can show so that others can connect.

Bonus track if you use an iPhone

For this action “only” two iPhones are needed. I put the “only” in quotes because it is not a simple requirement, but if it were given, it is enough to share the password, as long as one of them is already connected to that network.

Qr Ios

Everything happens to go to Settings > Wifi On the iPhone that is not connected, select the network to which we want to connect it and have the other iPhone nearby. At that moment an option will appear on that other device that will allow Quickly share password to other iPhone. The owner of that terminal will have to accept it and that’s it, because from then on the other terminal will be connected and will always remember the network to connect automatically every time.

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