CaixaBank users have woken up to a message that puts an end to the NowPay era. And it is that the bank has decided to dispense with this application. In the coming days, NowPay will stop working on Android and iOS devices, leaving all the work on CaixaBankNow, another application associated with CaixaBank.

It should be noted that this does not imply that there will be problems from now on. It’s not like they’re putting the money you have in the bank at risk either. It’s just the elimination of an application that, apparently, had less and less useand that it already had another option next to it that did the same and even more.

NowPay stops working: now you must use CaixaBankNow

Goodbye NowPay! The CaixaBank app goes down in history: now you will have to use this

“The NowPay app will stop working in the coming days. All operations are still available in CaixaBankNow, your digital banking.” That was the text message sent to CaixaBank users, informing them of the new change. NowPay, as an application, had the facility of having a more user-friendly interface when sending Bizum. Leaving this aside, it fulfilled the same functions as the CaixaBankNow application.

The loss of NowPay should not be felt too much, since in fact, CaixaBankNow is a complete application and from where multiple activities can be managed related to your bank account. From the basics (send or request money), to others such as making donations, requesting, activating, reloading or blocking cards, adding payment methods, QR Bizum, as well as providing information about offices and ATMs. CaixaBank is one of the options to pay with NFC, as well as an alternative to Google Pay in Spain.

The CaixaBankNow application is available for Android and iOS. It is possible that from the beginning you have already preferred to choose to use this means to manage your bank account. The important thing is that you keep in mind that NowPay will no longer be a viable option, and if you have this application, it is better that you delete it. After all, it will not allow you to enter your account or manage any activity, with your days numbered.