The precariousness of jobs in one of the most important companies in the world is once again on the front pages of the media.

Image of the Amazon logistics center in San Fernando de Henares.

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It is always a good time to reflect and much more so if we take into account that we are in the middle of Black Friday and we all want to enjoy succulent discounts on our purchases this month of November. Perhaps, you have never stopped to think who has to work so that Amazon flash offers end up in your house or who is the person behind a claim on Amazon. Company employees They demand better conditions and do so with the threat of strike background.

In search of workers’ rights at Amazon Spain

It is not the first time that this has happened, we imagine that it will continue to happen as long as they do not have decent working conditions, but combining special events on the calendar with strikes in various Amazon work centers is increasingly common. On this occasion, CCOO has issued a statement seeking a ‘global solution to all work centers’.

The union that has called the strike assures that they are three the areas that fail within the companypointing as the main cause of Amazon workers’ discontent to:

  • Insufficient health protection of staff: the statement ensures that ‘the Accident and Incident Management System implemented by Amazon is hiding possible flaws in security measures.’
  • Lack of disposition of resources: There are many problems relating to human resources, such as ‘failures to collect and prepare payroll’, ‘lack of clarity in payroll concepts’, ‘difficulty in management and failure to grant permissions to which we are entitled’ and ‘errors’. in the management of vacations and in the management of the working day’.
  • Insufficient salaries: The company, according to CCOO, pays the minimum in each province, but instead demands the maximum from its workers.

For these reasons, the Amazon Spain templatetogether with this union, intends to go to the strike the next November 27 and 28‘as a sign of protest and demand’, seeking a change in working conditions that put on the table the importance of the employees of the North American company in our country.

From here, in those maximum workload days in the centers, the orders and orders, in addition to claims and returnsmaybe do not work in an agile and fast way to which we are accustomed. It’s not a matter of placing orders now and putting more work on Amazon’s staff, but rather understanding their requests and joining their cause.

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