Firefox is the third most used web browser in the world, behind only Google Chrome and Edge. This browser, owned by Mozilla, is characterized by offering users a much more private experience when connecting to the Internet, guaranteeing the greatest possible privacy when visiting web pages. Today, the company has just launched a new version of this browser, Firefox 120. And it demonstrates, once again, that user privacy is the most important thing.

The new Firefox 120 continues Mozilla’s development plans for its browser. This is a new version that brings with it a series of fixes, as usual, in addition to new functions and features that, until now, were available only to users of the Beta and Nightly versions. These versions, by the way, have also been updated to 121 and 122 respectively.

This new version of the browser will automatically reach Windows users thanks to background updates, although it may take a while to do so. If you don’t want to wait, you can find it now available on its website, or at this link to Mozilla’s FTP.

Firefox 120

What’s new in Firefox 120

This new version focuses a lot on privacy options. And, therefore, it continues to improve the functionality of Encrypted Client Hello which was introduced in version 119 of the browser, adding some internal corrections to make communications much more private.

Another important novelty that we find is a new Global Privacy Control within the system settings. This new feature allows users to tell websites that you do not authorize the sale of the data that they collect about you. It is a function focused primarily on users in the United States, where the sale of personal data is legal, but it will also benefit the European Union.

Surely more than once we have copied a link from a website and it had a tracker included. Thanks to the new Firefox 120 we will be able to copy URLs without crawlera very interesting function that, to have it in Chrome or Edge, requires the use of third-party extensions.

Other important new features that we find in this version are:

  • Firefox Private mode includes a new security measure to prevent tracking of multiple items.
  • Improvements in the use of digital certificates and TLS connections.
  • Ability to use keyboard shortcuts to edit or delete entries in about:logins.
  • Ubuntu users can import data from Chromium if both browsers are installed as Snap.
  • Ability to adjust the size of the PIP mode.

In addition, improvements and new functions for developers have also been included so that this browser continues to be one of the default choices for creating websites.

Preparing Firefox 121

120 is not going to be the last version of Firefox for 2023. The company is already working on Firefox 121an update that, although it will surely be less important than this one, will be the one that closes the year.

If everything goes as planned, Firefox 121 should be available by the end of December, although we still don’t know the exact date or what new features it will bring.