If you’re looking to maximize the gaming experience on your Chromebook, you’re in luck. The latest ChromeOS update, version 119, has arrived to give you the ability to install Steam directly from the app drawer.

This stable version of ChromeOS 119 has been released and also comes with significant improvements, such as the Google Drive sync. The update comes about two months after Google promised 10 years of software support for Chromebooks.

Update to ChromeOS 119 now to install Steam games easier

ChromeOS 119 makes it easier to install Steam on your Chromebook

Until the arrival of ChromeOS 119, installing and using Steam on your Chromebook required enabling a flag. Now, with the update, that extra step is a thing of the past. After installing ChromeOS 119, you will notice a new steam icon in the app drawer. This means that accessing your favorite games on this platform is easier than ever.

However, we must clarify that the inclusion of this icon does not mean that the application comes pre-installed on your Chromebook. In fact, it is a quick shortcut to steam installer, allowing you to decide if you want to incorporate this platform on your device. Flexibility is key, and with ChromeOS 119, you have full control over which apps to install.

After installing Steam, you will need to enter your credentials to log in. Then, you can proceed to install some games, in order to test the capabilities of your Chromebook. The Steam platform offers a wide range of games, from simple indie games to next-gen AAA titles. But you should know that not all games are compatible with Chromebooks.

Older, less demanding games are usually Compatible with Chromebooks. For example, games like Counter-Strike: Source, Dota 2 or Terraria can run without problems. However, newer and more demanding games may have compatibility issues. For example, games like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Forza Horizon 5, or Red Dead Redemption 2 may not work properly on Chromebooks, or may even be incompatible entirely.

Beyond the Steam installer: other features of ChromeOS 119

The ChromeOS 119 update is not limited to just Steam games. Google has further improved its operating system, including features that benefit all users. One of the most notable additions is the ability to turn the camera and microphone on or off directly from Privacy Hub. This change provides more granular control over privacy, allowing you to easily manage your Chromebook devices.

Another highlight of ChromeOS 119 is the introduction of the Google Drive sync for Chromebook Plus models. This feature makes it easy to work on your Chromebook even when you’re not connected to a WiFi network. However, it is essential to keep storage limitations in mind. If your Chromebook has limited capabilities, you may face restrictions when syncing files.

ChromeOS 119 also brings with it the option to enable tab groups. This functionality allows you to save and retrieve groups of tabs, keeping your browsing sessions organized. Although it is not activated by default, enabling it is simple and can make a difference in your daily productivity.

To start enjoying these new features, be sure to check if your device has already been updated to this version. If you haven’t received the update yet, you can check and install manually.