The iPhone 15 with only 128GB of storage costs $799. For an extra $100, you can get a 256GB model, putting 128GB at a $100 price point in Apple’s book. The 512GB model costs $1099, so that’s an extra $200. It’s $1.28 per gigabyte, and you can’t upgrade the internal storage any other way.

It’s a shame, because that’s exactly what to stone deal on SanDisk’s 400GB microSD card Black Friday Sale, Fall From $69.99 to just $27.99,

That’s just $0.07 per GB!

Where to Get the Best Black Friday Storage Deals

This really reflects the value imbalance between Apple’s storage costs and the flexibility your average Android phone gives you. For less than $30, you’re getting nearly quadruple the storage that the entry-level iPhone 15 gives you, and most Android handsets will let you just plug it in, no questions asked. This is a great deal.

yes, of course you can Plug the microSD card into the converter/reader, and plug it into the bottom of the iPhone or iPad. And I’m not forgetting the fact that modern MacBook Pro and Mac Studio computers have an SD card slot for removable storage expansion.

But when you look at how easily (and in this case, affordably) Android phone users can upgrade their internal storage with cards like this, and essentially merge it with the onboard memory. If so, it can’t help but sting a little. Storage cost, along with RAM on a Mac, is where the cry of ‘paying the Apple tax’ rings truest.

Thankfully, things are a little better now as most of the iPads in the iPhone 15 range now support USB-C accessories, making at least external storage options more accessible than before. But it’s still a far cry from the plug-and-play microSD card joys that people on the other side of the tech divide enjoy.

Still, as a self-respecting tech fan, it’s probably a worthwhile deal no matter what handset you end up buying. Whether you’re expanding the photo capabilities of a DSLR, expanding the recording capabilities of a security camera, or actually plugging it into the side of your Mac, for $0.07 per gigabyte for a card with a respectable 120 MB/s transfer speed, This is a deal you shouldn’t miss.

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