As we near the holidays, many of us eagerly await the seasonal sales. Black Friday traditionally starts the holiday shopping season in the United States, kicking off highly promoted in-store sales. The following Cyber Monday is a 24-hour shopping sales event exclusively online. Cyber Week continues the online seasonal sales, discounts, and shopping events.

With so many online sales at your fingertips, it’s key that when you’re searching for the best deals online, you’re doing so securely.  Not to worry: LastPass is here to help.  Here are three ways LastPass can help you navigate Cyber Week.

Generate passwords promptly

After hunting online for the best price, you’ve stumbled upon an amazing deal on a reputable site, but you don’t have an account. Streamline the process of checking out through the LastPass password generator. The password generator creates random passwords based on parameters such as password length, uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols. Not only will you generate a secure credential rapidly, but it will be securely stashed within your LastPass vault if you ever need to access it again.

A verified reviewer on G2 cites the save and autofill functionality as one of their favorite aspects of LastPass: “The best part is autofill of your credentials, I myself login to a number of websites for shopping or job search every day, it is difficult to keep data of every login.”

Access your bank details quickly

To effectively manage stock, many retailers have resorted to allocating timers for individual shoppers on how long they’re able to keep items within their checkout carts. Given the influx of traffic on websites, it’s critical you have all your necessary payment information on hand. Built for storing passwords, credit cards, and more, LastPass works great as a simple, secure digital wallet. It facilitates online shopping for all e-commerce websites so that your shopping experience is much faster, no matter which device you use.

Matt P. on G2 highlights how he benefits from creating a digital wallet with LastPass: “I do most of my shopping online, so LastPass manages all my payment cards in an easily accessible manner.”

Chris V. adds: “The credit card fill form option is also amazing and makes online shopping a breeze; now I don’t have to pull out my credit card and type it in every time I buy something.”

Get instant access from anywhere

As a cloud-based solution, LastPass provides multi-platform access and permits users to utilize their vault across range of devices including laptops, tablets, or mobile phones, at any time, from anywhere. With automatic device sync, items saved to your password vault are automatically synced across all your LastPass-connected devices. You can generate new credentials instantly to set up accounts or access your payment information rapidly when online shopping.

A verified user on G2 comments: “LastPass securely stores your passwords and syncs them across all of your devices. It’s ‘browser-agnostic,’ and you can use it on your mobile devices just as easily.” Brett W. further remarks: “It’s a one stop shopping solution to afford your(self) digital self-security and let you go wild creating accounts on every website you find.”

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