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This article aims to summarize Amazon’s best Black Friday deals on gaming monitors. We have selected some models, aware that some prices have changed slightly compared to the first day. However, with the current discounts, you will still have the opportunity to get great deals, saving in some cases several hundred euros. In short, let’s not waste any more time and immediately discover the models that you shouldn’t miss out on this Black Friday 2023.

The best deals on gaming monitors for Black Friday 2023

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MSI G2712

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Let’s start compiling this list of monitors by recommending an MSI model, ideal for those who are looking a desktop-friendly monitor with enough space for a 27″ panel. This model stands out for its update frequency of 170Hz, positioning itself at an intermediate point between the now common 144 Hz and the more advanced 240 Hz. Connectable via DisplayPort cable, this monitor offers various features to optimize gaming performance. Among these, the Night Vision, which highlights details that may be missed during darker moments of gameplay, especially useful in afternoon games when ambient light may be more intense. The current offer represents the best savings ever seen on this model, with a 20% discount compared to the lowest price recorded in the previous 30 days. This translates into a cost of only €159.99making it an unmissable deal.

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Samsung Odyssey G7

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On Black Friday we usually see very significant price cuts, which bring the price of products to the lowest ever. This is also the case with the 27″ Samsung Odyssey G7 which, following a 9% discount on the best price of the last month, can be purchased in this period for only €499.90. A high-end gaming monitor, with full support for G-Sync as well as FreeSync Pro, for excellent fluidity if the already excellent 240Hz of the panel is not enough. With a curvature of 1000R, this model boasts a resolution of 2560×1440, but the most interesting specification is theHDR 600which will ensure optimal brightness even for those who usually play in the afternoon hours, as well as HDR management capable of really making the difference in the final quality of the image with the right content.

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LG 27GR95QE UltraGear

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If you want to take advantage of Black Friday to buy an OLED monitor, the offer that has been activated on the LG 27GR95QE UltraGear is undoubtedly one of the best. Despite being 27″, in fact, we are talking about a monitor worth over €1,000, which can be purchased now for only €799.99. The price is justified by the aforementioned OLED technology, which allows the panel of this monitor to make a huge leap in quality even compared to several other top-of-the-range monitors from the same brand without this panel. Then combined with 240Hz and the incredible refresh rate of 0.03ms, which only an OLED can guarantee, LG 27GR95QE UltraGear will offer a one-of-a-kind gaming and viewing experience.

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If you are looking for a monitor with the typical diagonal of a smart TV, we recommend this model belonging to Asus’ renowned ROG range. Its discount, the highest ever, will allow you to purchase it at a price similar to the LG model mentioned previously, i.e. €849.99. Here, however, it is not a monitor with OLED technology but it doesn’t matter, because it is still designed to guarantee a very high level viewing experience. It’s 4K, it’s HDR 600 certified, it has HDMI 2.1, and the panel is aanti-reflection. Also worth mentioning are: two built-in 10W stereo speakerswhich may make you avoid using speakers on your desk.

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LG 27GR75Q UltraGear

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Even dropped to an even lower price than the current one in the very first hours of this Black Friday 2023, this LG gaming monitor is perhaps the most popular model for those looking for a fluid gaming experience at the most advantageous price possible. Amazon is offering it for only 219.99, an almost negligible amount if we consider that the original price starts from €379.00. In terms of technical specifications, it has everything needed to allow the most demanding gamers to fully appreciate their favorite titles. The panel with 2K resolution in fact reaches 165Hz and with the help of G-Sync the image delays will be even more reduced.

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We report again a 27″ model, this time from the BenQ brand. The protagonist is exactly the MOBIUZ EX2710Q (we reviewed the BenQ EX2710U), whose price it dropped to just 260.99 compared to the average of €364.99, allowing those looking for a monitor with gaming features to get an excellent deal here too. However, when we talk about gaming monitors, it does not mean that the panel will only work well during this type of use, but will be able to offer quality performance also in other situations, even more so if, as in this case, we are in front of a model with HDR 400.

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Samsung Odyssey G5

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The Samsung Odyssey G5 now boasts a further price reduction, positioning itself at only €209.99. From a technical point of view, this monitor is equivalent to many others previously mentioned, while maintaining a competitive cost. The current offer on Amazon, set at €209.99, represents the cheapest price ever offered, a custom during the Black Friday period. In summary, the gaming monitors recommended so far stand out as affordable and diverse choices, covering a wide range of preferences. If you want to explore further options, you can always consult the Amazon pages; However, purchasing one of the models guarantees you will get the best offer of the year.

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