Critical infrastructure protection (CIP) cybersecurity solutions vendor OPSWAT announced last week its partnership with Distology, a cybersecurity technology distributor and services provider in the UK, to bring OPSWAT’s information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) solutions to Distology’s cybersecurity operations portfolio and add new dimensions to Distology’s OT cybersecurity portfolio in the United Kingdom.

OPSWAT’s end-to-end cybersecurity platform will enrich Distology’s extensive cybersecurity portfolio, which encompasses workspace security, multi-cloud security, cybersecurity operations, and OT cybersecurity.  

The partnership with Distology comes at a time when malicious activity towards the UK’s critical infrastructure is escalating. U.K. government reports indicate that the country is the third most targeted nation globally for cyber attacks, prompting parliament to initiate an inquiry into the resilience of the nation’s critical national infrastructure in October this year. 34% of organizations across the U.K. critical national infrastructure (CNI) anticipate a rise in cybercrime due to uncertain economic conditions.

Alessandro Porro, vice president for global channel sales at OPSWAT, emphasized why this partnership is important to address security gaps in the face of evolving threats, “As OT and IT systems converge for greater business efficiency, managing security gaps can become a challenge. This is where OPSWAT comes in to detect and prevent sophisticated attacks that can evade traditional signature-based and behavior-based anti-malware defenses,” he stated.

Lance Williams further underscored Distology’s commitment to cutting-edge technologies and collaborative partnerships. “Distology’s go-to-market strategy is centered around finding and selecting disruptive technologies that carry high relevance in the market,” he added, “but most importantly, working with a collaborative and ambitious team that has a vision for their technology.”

Distology will join OPSWAT’s Channel Partner Program, which empowers value-added resellers, systems integrators, and security solution providers to broaden their service offerings and support enterprises in safeguarding their essential infrastructure. 

As a channel partner, Distology will have a dedicated OPSWAT channel team to support sales enablement and go-to-market assets. Distology’s team members will also have access to training through the OPSWAT Academy, which includes advanced training courses for managing OPSWAT products.

Last month, OPSWAT and IT distributor Net One Partners announced the opening of a CIP Lab in Tokyo, Japan. The CIP Lab, hosted at Net One Systems, is the first of its kind in the region and represents a ‘significant milestone’ in OPSWAT’s commitment to advancing cybersecurity in critical industries.