The city council of Long Beach passed a resolution by 8 to 0 that validated and confirmed the city manager’s proclamation of a local emergency to confront the Long Beach city cyberattack that happened the previous week. This is a key step in dealing with the grave incident touching on the networks’ security of the Long Beach City Council.

Quick measures were undertaken in order to bolster the city’s response capacities following the cybersecurity incident that targeted Long Beach’s municipal organizations on November 14, 2023.

Long Beach City Cyberattack

Long Beach city administration has told The Cyber Express through email, “The City is committed to keeping the public informed of new developments and potential impacts to public services and to our community.”

“The Joint Information Center will be issuing press releases/public notices later today and in the coming days as pertinent information is available. As this is a fluid, ongoing investigation, additional details may emerge as the investigation continues.”

The proclamation of local emergency facilitates a nimble emergency response to protect City systems, ensuring operational continuity. Emergency powers grant the City authority to deploy personnel swiftly, procure specialized services, maintain operational functions, and increase purchase authority for essential resources.

In the official press release from the Long Beach Council, Mayor Rex Richardson affirmed,”We are dedicated to safeguarding our City systems and public services. Our team is tirelessly working to rectify this issue, with the ultimate goal of providing quality public service and making Long Beach an exceptional place to live, work, and play.”

The emergency proclamation, in accordance with the Long Beach Municipal Code, was recommended by City Manager Tom Modica. The Long Beach city cyberattack cites the imminent threat to the safety of people and their data. The emergency powers, effective until December 5, 2023, aim to empower the City to respond efficiently during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

City Manager Tom Modica emphasized the gravity of the situation, stating, “The City takes cybersecurity and data security very seriously,” stated the release by Long Beach.

Background of Long Beach City Cyberattack

The Long Beach city cyberattack, discovered on November 14, prompted an immediate investigation by the City’s Department of Technology and Innovation, along with notification to the FBI.

Third-party cybersecurity professionals were engaged to aid in remediation and investigation. The City took precautionary measures by temporarily taking certain systems offline on November 16, with plans to reintroduce them securely, acknowledging potential delays and disruptions to public services.

Despite challenges, the City remains operational, delivering services with minimal disruptions. Departments are actively communicating updates through various channels, ensuring the community, customers, and partners are informed. The Technology and Innovation Department is collaboratively working with other City departments to identify solutions, maintain services during this period.

The City is offering updates as the investigation progresses. Citizens can find timely information on the City’s temporary site ( or contact 562.570.INFO (4636) for information on weekdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. The City’s dedicated webpage serves as a central hub for information, keeping the public informed about developments and potential impacts on public services.

The Long Beach city cyberattack leaves behind a lesson that cannot be taken lightly — the necessity of strong cyber security mechanisms in a fast-paced contemporary environment. Safeguarding cyber security is much more than securing data and is part of national security in delivering vital public services. This incident reiterates the necessity of communities to continuously invest on cybersecurity infrastructure, education, and incident response mechanisms.

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