You may have connected a network and it still does not appear. For example, perhaps you share a connection with your mobile phone and you see that it does not appear quickly in the Windows networks section. Until now, you could do nothing but wait, as there was no button to update manually and speed up the process.

Update Wi-Fi networks in Windows 11

It was something that many users demanded for years. Basically, they wanted to be able to hit a button and update the Wi-Fi networks that appear in Windows. If the desired network does not appear first, instead of having to wait, you have the option to refresh the list of wireless networks.

Now this is a reality, after the latest update of Windows 11 25997there is a button to update Wi-Fi networks – If you click on the wireless networks button, which is next to the Windows clock, the list will appear and you can update it if necessary so that other networks appear as soon as possible.

Please note that this change, for now, is only available to users who have Windows Insiders and are registered with Canary Channel. Basically, it is where the changes that are still in testing arrive first. However, it is expected that it will be available to everyone in the near future and you will simply need to have the latest version installed.

The fact that it is not yet in the stable version, and has not been announced by Microsoft, is because it is still in testing. Since it is not fully operational, it does not appear in the stable version. It is common in changes of this type, so it will appear soon.

Have everything updated

If you want to enjoy new features like this in Wi-Fi networks in Windows, it is important to always have the latest installed versions. This will help you obtain improvements, make the system work better, faster, and be able to take advantage of all the changes they introduce, whether in Windows or any other system.

Furthermore, at update equipment We also correct security flaws that may exist. Maybe there is a vulnerability that affects a program you use, Windows itself, etc. By installing the latest versions, you will be able to correct these security flaws and avoid problems in your daily life.

Another aspect to keep in mind is that it is essential to update the network card drivers. It doesn’t matter if you connect via Wi-Fi or cable; In any case, you should always have the latest versions and thus avoid problems. This can help if Windows does not recognize the network card.

In short, this new Windows change can be very useful to view the available Wi-Fi networks more quickly. It was something that many users demanded and now it is going to be a reality. Always make sure you have the latest versions installed.