Whenever you make a purchase online, it is key that you protect your account, use a good payment method and have your devices protected. This will prevent hackers from stealing your data and compromising your money. Now, eBay has taken another step to improve security.

eBay supports 2FA per app

The two-step authentication It is one of the best methods to protect our accounts on the Internet. It serves to create an extra layer of protection. In the event that someone managed to find out your password, they would need that second step, beyond the access code, to be able to enter your account.

Until now, eBay allowed you to configure 2FA via SMS and email. It means that you receive a code that comes to you by these means. It’s something that improves security, but if we are strict we must say that they are not the best methods. Someone with access to your email or through SIM card cloning could steal your account.

To increase that protection, eBay now allows multi-factor authentication through the app. You will be able to use programs like Google Authenticator. This will allow you to receive those 2FA codes through the app. It is a very reliable option and will make your eBay account much more protected, so using this platform will be safer.

Always enable double authentication

Our advice is that whenever possible, enable double authentication. It is increasingly present in more accounts on the Internet. We can see it in social networks, bank accounts and also in electronic commerce, as is the case of eBay and other platforms such as Amazon.

Ideally, you should always enable 2FA when you have the chance. This will make your accounts much more protected. If you were to become a victim of a computer attack, such as a phishing attack, a keylogger or a Trojan, they would not have access to your account. Even if they knew what the password was, they would need that second step to enter.

What applications of multi-factor authentication you can use? One of the most famous is Google Authenticator, which you can even link in the cloud. You can also use others like Authy or Microsoft Authenticator. The operation is similar in all cases. It is a program that you install on your mobile and it generates codes that will be requested when you have to log in.

In short, using two-step authentication is very important to protect accounts on the Internet. Now, eBay will allow you to use applications and not just SMS or email. Preventing your passwords from being cracked is important, but you can always enhance security even more.