The solution, according to Meta, is through this type of energy.

Nuclear power plants provide a large amount of relatively clean energy

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Normally we think about all the benefits that AI offers. It is fast, easy to use and with two simple commands we can obtain what we are looking for. However, it hides a big secret and that is that it is a threat to the planet due to the gigantic energy consumption required to keep it afloat throughout each day. Something that we do not notice but that has already been pointed out that can destroy the planet. Meta, the company formerly known as Facebook claims to have the solution to these problems.

And this solution involves an energy model that not everyone likesbut which has been postulated as one of the most interesting bets to achieve large amounts of clean and renewable energy.

Meta’s plan to end the energy problem

The rise of cryptocurrencies generated a series of doubts at the time about whether the energy consumption necessary to mine them It was going to be a problem in the future. It turned out that this was the case, but their own consumption regulated itself when the bubble began to burst. Despite this, there are still problems related to this issue.

Now, AI is generating exactly the same doubts, but according to Sergey Edunov, director of generative engineering at Meta, all that is needed is two nuclear reactors to meet the demand generated by AI applications for next year.

Only two nuclear reactors are needed.

Nuclear power plants emit clean and fairly safe energy without causing a strong impact on the environment like other renewable energies produce. However, there are always strong doubts about their operation looking to the future. Above all, in case of international conflicts. However, it seems that the central issue of the topic is usually nuclear waste treatmentssomething in which considerable progress has been made in recent years.

Meta, the company run by Mark Zuckerbergshe is not the only one who would be betting on nuclear energy. Microsoft is already using nuclear reactors and even nuclear fission to cover the problems that have existed so far when it comes to getting green energy to become carbon footprint neutral in the future.

Summarizing the most relevant aspects:

  • AI and the cloud are incredibly energy intensive.
  • This makes the entire planet suffer to energetically feed this type of systems.
  • It is speculated that 1 or 2% of the planet’s energy goes to AIs.
  • Meta’s chief artificial intelligence engineer is clear: build new nuclear power plants.
  • In fact, he explained that only two nuclear reactors will be enough to fulfill this mission.
  • Microsoft is also investing quite heavily in Artificial Intelligence.

Although AI poses a risk to all of us in many waysfrom the professions that are going to disappear to other aspects more related to today’s society such as fake news or the deep fakeswe find that it is also a fundamental help for a incredible number of aspects, including scientific, medical and space development. Therefore, the risks are balanced by the reward, but urgently do something with the gigantic energy expenditure produced by the ambitious plans of AI companies.

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