On the occasion of its annual Fal.Con event, CrowdStrike announced Accelerate, the partner program to help them establish and expand with the Falcon security platform.


Accelerate unites cybersecurity organizations of all types, including VARs, MSPs, distributors, OEMs, ISVs and incident responders, with the goal of training compromises efficiently.

The program incentivizes partners to optimize cybersecurity capabilities with Falconhelping its customers reduce total cost of system ownership, consolidate point products and stay protected.

Accelerate includes CrowdClass, video training courses taught by CrowdStrike experts to guide partners to success by sharing the secrets to enhancing the value of their products.

The program also offers demand generation tools and sales tools that simplify campaign execution and accelerate the closing of negotiations. Among Accelerate’s tools, The Grid stands out, a self-service marketing campaign platform for managing landing pages, emails and social media posts.

Pixabay CrowdStrike Accelerate

By achieving results, partners can earn recognition to accelerate their profitability and strengthen their market position: as part of Accelerate, CrowdStrike introduced the CrowdCard, a branded debit card on which to receive rewards and cashback to expand the platform in strategic areas and acquire new customers.

The program rewards partners with margins, discounts and back-end rebates to establish targeted, more profitable practices.

CrowdStrike Marketplace

During the event, CrowdStrike also presented Marketplacea security ecosystem where Falcon customers can try and purchase the best integrative security solutions from market leaders.

Marketplace looks like one unified resource of third-party security products and currently has members such as Armis, Claroty, Elevate Security, ExtraHop, Google VirusTotal, Lookout, JumpCloud, Okta, Tines, and X-Analytics.

Pixabay CrowdStrike Accelerate

The ecosystem also includes CrowdCreditsan incentive program that allows selected customers to purchase products at significant discounts. The initiative aims to reduce expenses to break down the risk of silos and maximize the investment in Falcon.

“With CrowdStrike Marketplace, we offer customers a modern, streamlined means to access our extensive network of partner solutions and find the solution they need for their business,” said Daniel Bernard, the company’s Chief Business Officer.