The state war has begun in Kongo

On Sunday, September 17, a coup d’etat takes place in the Congo. 79-year-old President Denis Sassou Nguesso is absent from the country because he arrived in New York to participate in the 78th UN General Assembly.

Meanwhile, the army takes control of key facilities in the Congolese capital.

LesNews reports this.

Local media suggest that the coup is led by the commander of the presidential guard, Serge Oboah.

Congo borders the Central African Republic, which is under influence RF. Moreover, Congo, unlike the Central African Republic, has access to the sea.

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Meanwhile, the Congolese government called reports of a coup d’etat a fake.

Spokesman for the country’s leadership, Thierry Lezen Mungala, said that everything is calm in Congo.

“Incredible information has emerged about some serious events taking place in the capital of Congo, Brazzaville. The government denies this fake news. We assure public opinion of the prevailing calm and urge the population to calmly go about their business,” the official said in a message on the social network X (formerly Twitter ).

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Let us recall that at the end of August a coup occurred in Gabon, where the military overturned the results of the presidential elections and dissolved the government structures. Gabon’s leadership was accused of “irresponsible and unpredictable governance that threatens to plunge the country into chaos.”

And at the end of July in Niger, the military overthrew the government, blocking the residence of President Bazoum.

“All these countries are former colonies of France, in which Paris retained great influence until recently,” the Telegram channel “Country Politics” comments on the emergence of hot spots in Africa.