Martha Madison. Photo Credit: Todd Williamson, Peacock

Actress Martha Madison (“Days of Our Lives”) chatted about starring in the show “Benny Go Home,” which will take place on September 23 at Caveat in New York City.

In 2019, Madison earned an Emmy nomination for “Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series” for her acting work in “Days of Our Lives,” where she plays Belle Black.

‘Benny Go Home’

This staged reading was directed by Laura Killeen, and it was written by Christie Perfetti Williams of Carnival Girls Productions. “I am very excited for this show,” she said. “I am looking forward to a fun week of rehearsals and then our show on Saturday.”

The synopsis is: A dejected big city playwright escapes down the Jersey Shore only to take on more drama. “I play Benny, who is the title character, and it’s also the slang word for tourist in the Jersey Shore. It has a double entendre,” she said.

“It’s really a piece that was written during the pandemic. It’s about a playwright who has a successful opening night and the very next day the pandemic shuts the world down so she has to go home to the Jersey Shore to find herself. I love doing those sorts of things,” she said.

“Many of the people in the cast are people that I’ve worked with before, so it’s going to be a fun and no-stress reunion. This show is just really light-hearted laughter, fun, and I want the audience to leave smiling,” she added.

Dick Van Dyke

She was thrilled to have the iconic Dick Van Dyke play her grandfather, Timothy Robicheaux, on “Days of Our Lives.” “After 20 years on that show, nothing surprises me anymore,” she said with a sweet laugh. “I was excited to work with such a legend. Dick did not disappoint, it was so much fun. he is such a character and just a joy to work with. It was a great way to go out.”

Brandon Beemer

In “Days of Our Lives,” she also complimented the acting work of Brandon Beemer, who has been playing the guilty alcoholic storyline on the show as Shawn Brady.

“This storyline is such a great opportunity to showcase Brandon’s talent and I am so glad that they are giving him the platform to show how great he is. I think we have a lot of wonderful scenes together in still a handful of shows coming up before I depart,” she said.

John-Paul Lavoisier

Madison also praised John-Paul Lavoisier, who also recently returned on “Days of Our Lives.” “I love John-Paul, he is one of the funniest people I have ever known. There is never a boring minute working with him, and I am glad that he got the opportunity to come back. I feel very lucky to call him a friend,” she said.

AI on the future of the film and TV industry

She shared her thoughts on AI on the future of the film and TV industry. “There is always a possibility that it could put people out of work but in general, I don’t think you can replace the human spirit and the human mind. I’m not super worried about it yet.”

Favorite mottos to live by

On her favorite mottos to live by, she revealed, “To thine own self be true.” “This was the motto that my mother used to say to me on a daily basis,” she acknowledged.


Madison defined the word success as “happiness, fulfillment, and security.” “I feel very successful at the moment. Life is very good to me right now,” she admitted.

She revealed that her daughter, Charley, is “quite an equestrian” and she will compete in October. “Time flies so quick, I can’t believe how grown she is already. My daughter is an amazing student and so smart,” she added.

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