Have one on hand derivative calculator I’m sure it won’t hurt if you study or work in a field related to science. Luckily, you no longer have to spend hours and hours doing arithmetic operations.

With a simple app, you can solve even the most complex derivatives in a matter of seconds. And with the security of knowing that you have not made a mistake. We are going to present you some applications that will help you in your work or in your study. Do not miss it!

What is a derivative calculator?

As can be seen from its nomenclature, this is a digital tool that allows you to solve derivatives of functions. Through this operation, we can see how a function changes as the variable also changes slightly.

These types of operations can be complex to perform by hand and, if you use a scientific calculator, it can also be difficult to do until you learn to use the correct formulas.

But you’re in luck, because with a derivative calculator application you can solve functions in the easiest and fastest way. If you work in the field of mathematics, physics, or engineering, you will surely get a lot of use out of the applications that we are going to recommend.

Symbolab Derivatives Calculator

symbolab derivative calculator

Symbolab is a website specialized in solving mathematical operations. Its objective is to bring a discipline as complex as mathematics to everyone and, to do so, it has different tools such as step by step solutions for problemsan area dedicated to geometry, and different types of calculators.

As it could not be otherwise, among them there is no shortage of the derivatives calculator. In it we have at our disposal a complete keyboard in which we will see the most common functionalities and formulas to solve these operations.

You just have to enter the data and it will give you the solution in just a few seconds. Also, since this is a tool that promotes learning, you have the option to see the resolution step by stepso that you better understand how the final result was reached.

It shows you one step at a time in complete detail, explaining what it is doing in each of them. And at the bottom of the screen you can see the graph that was created when solving the exercise.

The free version it allows you:

  • Save notes on a limited basis.
  • Do practice problems.
  • Make custom settings.

To get the most out of it and see options such as all the steps of the solution, you will have to choose the pro version.

Derivatives Calculator

derivative calculator tool

Derivatives calculator is another of the most recommended options. A fairly simple website, but one that perfectly meets your expectations if what you want to do is solve a function precisely.

It stands out because it has a very simple handlingand in the “Help” section some of the most common doubts that usually arise when using a tool of this type are resolved.

But don’t let its minimalist appearance fool you, because this is a very powerful application. With this calculator you can calculate first, second and even fifth derivatives and differentiate functions with multiple variables.

Once again we are faced with a system that is also designed to help us in the study, so it has a practice section in which we can generate random functions and see the solution. Then we will just have to get to work with the calculation to see if we are able to arrive at the correct answer. Something that, without a doubt, is also very useful for teachers who seek to pose new challenges to their students.

Solumaths Calculator

The Solumaths derivatives calculator is also a very interesting option. You write the function and it is in charge of doing the calculation, showing you the steps it has taken to get to the final result.

You can use the properties of the derivative on the one hand and, on the other, the derivatives of the usual functions, and obtain the simplified result, but always with the explanation of how it was arrived at.

It is one of the most complete tools, since it allows you to do:

  • Derivatives of a polynomial.
  • Derived from usual functions.
  • Derivatives of a sum.
  • Derived from a difference.
  • Derived from a product.
  • Derivatives of a composite function.

Like the previous websites we have seen, this one also has a didactic objective, so it offers users different games and challenges through which they can develop their understanding of mathematical operations and their agility when solving them.

In this case, Solumath offers other alternative calculators such as the odd or even function calculator, the simple fraction decomposition calculator, the limits of a function calculator, or the Taylor series calculator, among others.

Learn to make derivatives

calculate derivatives

Derivative calculators are very practical and can get you out of trouble, but surely you are aware that you should be able to solve these exercises without a digital tool doing it for you.

If your problem is that you do not understand this type of exercises well or you get lost in some of the steps, what you really need is reinforce your knowledge. In this sense, there are many websites and YouTube channels that can help you.

As an example, we recommend:

Once you have resolved your doubts about what these operations are for and how to carry them out, you can use any of the derivative calculators that we have seen before to continue learning.

Technology is a great source of entertainment, but it has even more potential as a source of information and training, so don’t overlook the possibility of getting the most out of it.

With the derivative calculator you will continue to progress professionally and academically. What do you think of these tools, have you already tried them? Share your experience with us in the comments.