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Abstract:This article illustrates a novel Quantum Secure Aggregation (QSA) scheme that is designed to provide highly secure and efficient aggregation of local model parameters for federated learning. The scheme is secure in protecting private model parameters from being disclosed to semi-honest attackers by utilizing quantum bits i.e. qubits to represent model parameters. The proposed security mechanism ensures that any attempts to eavesdrop private model parameters can be immediately detected and stopped. The scheme is also efficient in terms of the low computational complexity of transmitting and aggregating model parameters through entangled qubits. Benefits of the proposed QSA scheme are showcased in a horizontal federated learning setting in which both a centralized and decentralized architectures are taken into account. It was empirically demonstrated that the proposed QSA can be readily applied to aggregate different types of local models including logistic regression (LR), convolutional neural networks (CNN) as well as quantum neural network (QNN), indicating the versatility of the QSA scheme. Performances of global models are improved to various extents with respect to local models obtained by individual participants, while no private model parameters are disclosed to semi-honest adversaries.

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