I worked IT compliance\GRC\etc for about 10 years. Needed a break and quit before Thanksgiving last year. …it’s been a great year, but I miss the work and want to get back in.

Last couple months, I’ve been putting in applications and getting a few interviews. My interviews have gotten hung up on: I’m not willing to relocate (I live in a lower cost of living area of the country and…I’m not moving). I have no issue with <20% travel and being in office for big events (audits, etc…).

It seems like a lot of companies are just putting “remote” on job descriptions to get a feel for the market. And I’m wasting a lot of time and energy searching and applying on Indeed, Google jobs, my State’s job search agency, and LinkedIn. (I typically find the jobs using the search sites, then apply for the job at the actual company’s website.)

Anyone have better search sources? Or a better process?