So far, Camo has been an impressive app for Mac that lets you use your iPhone or other camera as your webcam. Now the Apple Design Award finalist has launched a brand new experience designed for iPad with iPadOS 17 that lets users stream and record with advanced features, using their favorite camera and mic. And it is absolutely free…

Camo Studio for iPad launches today with developer Reincubate sharing all the details on their blog.

Today, we’re bringing the Camo experience to a new platform – iPad – with powerful new streaming and multi-source picture-in-picture (PIP) features. Camo Studio for iPad is another step toward removing friction for creators, making it easier for anyone to create great content with the tools they feel more confident with, regardless of their Whatever the experience.

Very generously, Reincubate is offering Camo Studio for iPad for free – no strings or in-app purchases. Founder Aidan Fitzpatrick highlighted that it is “completely free” and that the company has no plans to charge for the powerful new iPad app.

Features of Camo Studio for iPad

Here’s how Reincubate describes the core capabilities:

  • Connect a pro camera and mic to your iPad and stream on the go, or record simultaneously to built-in storage or a connected USB/SD card.
  • Stream console games to Twitch, YouTube or elsewhere with the Capture Card with integrated stream controls including PIP, web overlays and chat.
  • Connect your iPad to your camera or Switch or DSLR via a dongle and use it as a big screen/monitor.
  • Do all three at once, achieving things that previously required a traditional “computer” setup, but with just an iPad – or iPad mini. The iPad is a computer, after all.

And it has tons of more valuable features like:

  • Quickly switch between built-in or custom views with a single tap
  • Connect iPad to your portable console like Nintendo Switch
  • Infuse your streams with your personal beauty
  • Access chat, trigger in-stream events, and more with the Camo Studio stream panel
  • All videos are streamed directly to the service you choose, all recordings are stored locally on your iPad

camo for ipad requirements

  • iPad running A12 or later iOS 17
  • For background streaming or recording, iPad with M1 or M2 required

Download Camo Studio for iPad

Camo Studio for iPad is now available on the App Store – completely free.

I’ve been using Camo for Mac for several years and have been really impressed with the software and the team behind it. If you do anything with streaming or recording or are interested in starting, it looks like Camo Studio for iPad is going to be an amazing tool for creators.

Full release notes:

Dive into streaming, or record your next video, in just a few taps – perfect your scene, connect your camera, and start creating with ease – all right from your iPad. Why not try the iPad version of the 2023 Apple Design Award finalist app today?

— Stream and record from anywhere —

Connect a camera and mic to your iPad and start streaming on the go, as well as record your videos to built-in storage or a connected SD card to edit and upload high-quality content later.

– Share your console gaming moments –

Stream console games with a capture card on Twitch, YouTube, Trovo, and more. Set your scene with touch controls that make it easy to configure multi-feed and PiP (picture-in-picture). Take your stream to another level with web overlays, and always be in control with integrated stream controls.

— Watch more of your games and live videos —

Connect your iPad to your portable console, like the Nintendo Switch, via a dongle or USB hub and use it as a bigger, brighter screen to enhance your gaming experience when you’re on the road. Or, if you want to get a better viewfinder for your camera, plug it into your iPad and use it as a video monitor through Camo Studio.

— Change your view —

Quickly switch between a collection of built-in or custom visuals with a single tap to help engage your audience or show off a different shot. Each scene can be individually configured with different cameras, video and audio sources, and output profiles.

— Pro Stream with Web Overlay —

Fill your stream with your personal aesthetic, or a professional touch, with support for web overlays from StreamElements, Streams Labs, Uno Overlays and more. Import templates or custom web overlays with live content, alerts, embedded control panels and a wide range of other widgets.

– One-app stream control center –

Stay in touch with your chats, trigger in-stream events, and check your mods through Camo Studio’s stream panel. Add exactly the panels you need – each is custom to the streaming service you use, and gives you powerful controls for your livestream.

– Powerful video enhancements and adjustments –

Camo Studio is packed with functionality to help you stand out. Easily apply a subtle “bokeh” effect to your background, or change it or remove it completely! Adjust the framing and orientation of each input feed, including auto-framing modes that help you stay in the shot.

— Get the most out of your iPad —

With iPadOS 17, your iPad supports connecting more peripherals, peripherals, and cameras than ever before; Making Camo Studio for iPad the most versatile camo experience yet. M1 and M2 powered iPads can also run Camo Studio in the background while streaming or recording as well as capture the device’s screen.

— Security and privacy first —

Camo Studio delivers your video directly to the streaming services of your choice, and all recordings are completely local to your iPad, connected storage device, or selected storage service. Your data is your business, not ours.

– not only but Also! ,

– Pro-quality video in multiple resolutions including 4K UHD, 1080p HD, 720p and 360p

– Built-in galleries come pre-loaded with backgrounds and filters to try out in your videos

– Work in landscape or portrait orientation, great for TikTok-style shots at a 9:16 aspect ratio

– Use your iPad’s front and back cameras as part of your view

– Looks great in light and dark mode

– No ads in the app, ever

– We’re here to help –

With millions of users trying our apps over the past decade, Reincubate is one of the UK’s best-loved software companies.

We’re fanatical about supporting our users, and we’d love to help you get the most out of Camo Studio on your iPad. Contact us at any time: [email protected]

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