For context, I have a BSc in Cyber security and I’m currently working as a Junior SIEM Engineer.

But I’m trying to work on my knowledge to get it to the level of being able to work towards a Penetration tester/Cyber security engineer role.

I’m trying to make a sort of Kanban board with areas of knowledge/sub areas, so that I can work on them one by one to create a good understanding.

Something along the lines of:

  • Hardware

    • Computer hardware

    • Networking hardware

    • Server hardware

    • ??

  • Networking

    • ISO Model

    • ??

  • System Administration

    • Linux

    • Windows

    • Mac

    • ??

  • Active Directory

  • Command Line Tools

  • Regex

  • Shell Scripting


If there is already a resource out there that provides something like this, I would appreciate being pointed in that direction, but otherwise if you have your own list similar to this I would love to see it.

Thanks in advance!