Avoid any problems on the road with these essential settings for much safer driving.

Google Maps is one of the most used apps today by drivers all over the planet.

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When we drive by car or any other vehicle on the road, whether for work or traveling as a family, we need a browser to know the traffic status on our journey. Even if we know where to go at all times, it never hurts use a browser like Google Maps or other alternatives.

Today I want to show you the most complete way to have Google Maps ready for a trip in order to don’t scare you on the road, whether due to a distraction or a traffic ticket for not having everything in order in your navigator. These tips could save you a fine from road safety officers such as the local Police or the Civil Traffic Guard, since you won’t have to touch your phone throughout the journey, avoiding being subject to a possible financial penalty and points.

This is how you should prepare with Google Maps before a trip

Google Maps planning

When planning a trip there is also the configuration of your browser.

First, setting up Google Maps for safer driving involves using its features and settings appropriately to minimize distractions, obtain useful information and stay aware of traffic conditions.

  • Update the application– Make sure you have the latest version of Google Maps installed on your device to take advantage of the latest security and feature improvements.
  • Download maps to your mobile: Before you leave, download maps of the areas you plan to visit in case you lose your internet connection. This ensures you always have access to navigation, even in areas with no signal. Place yourself in the area of ​​the trip or the city you will visit, go to Offline Maps > Select your own map.
  • Set destinations before– Plan your route and set your destination before starting your trip. Avoid making navigation adjustments while driving, as this can be dangerous.

Google Maps mobile

Set the destination(s) in advance to avoid having to touch your phone while driving.

  • Set up voice prompts: Activate voice prompts to receive driving instructions without having to look at the screen. Adjust the volume so that it is clearly audible but not distracting. To see everything go to Settings > Navigation settings.
  • Use ‘Driving Mode’: Google Maps offers a driving mode which simplifies the interface and shows only essential information. Activate this option before starting your trip to minimize visual distractions. To do this, activate it in Settings > Navigation settings > Google Assistant settings.
  • Activate satellite view– Satellite view can help you identify locations more accurately, especially in unknown areas. However, use it sparingly, as it can be distracting.
  • Enable speed limit warnings– Activate the speed limits option in Google Maps settings to receive alerts when you exceed the speed limit of the road you are driving on. Activate them in Settings > Navigation settings > Speed ​​limits.
  • Set ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode: activate the mode Do not bother on your device to silence notifications and calls while driving. This reduces distractions and allows you to focus on the road.
  • Activate traffic alerts– Keep real-time traffic alerts activated to receive up-to-date information about congestion, accidents and delays on your route. Google Maps can suggest alternative routes to avoid problems. You must activate it in Settings > Notifications > Movements.

Know how much regular traffic there is on a route in Google Maps

This is how Google Maps knows how long it will take you to get to your destination.

  • Use a stable support: If possible, place your smartphone in a secure, easily accessible car mount so you don’t have to hold it while driving. They can be supports for the glass, for the dashboard or for the air conditioning grille.
  • Charge your mobile to 100% before– Make sure your device has enough battery to last the entire trip or use a car charger to keep it powered during the ride.

Extra settings for a safer trip with Google Maps

To make your road trip much safer than with the most recommended basic configuration, I want to add a series of options that you should take into account. I’ll show you some Additional functions that you can customize before you hit the road, that will keep you concentrate on driving and minimize distractions while making the most of this powerful navigation tool.

  • Keep the map facing north– Activate this feature so that the map always shows north at the top, no matter which direction you are facing. Find it in Settings > Navigation settings > Keep map north up.

Google Maps car support

With your phone vertically you can get a better browsing experience.

  • Check navigation options: Before you travel, check your settings to avoid tolls, choose the fastest or shortest route, and adjust transportation preferences. Adjust these options by tapping your profile in Google Maps and selecting Settings > Navigation settings > Route options.
  • More visible accessibility options– Highlights information about accessibility in places like restaurants and stores. Useful if you have accessibility needs or are traveling with people who do. Activate this function in Settings > Accessibility Settings.
  • Turn off automatic video playback– Prevents landmark videos from playing automatically on Settings > Video Settings > Allow Autoplay (deactivate).

How to take a trip on Google Maps with multiple stops

Planning the trip with different stops is very important.

  • Indicate your EV plugs: If you go by electric car, specify the types of plugs you use to find compatible chargers on the route. Set this to Settings > Electric Vehicle Settings > Add Connectors.

Once we have all these planned configurations, we just have to start the engine of our vehicle and begin the trip. Surely from now on You will have no doubts about how to customize Google Maps settings on your next road trip.

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