We will soon enter the fourth quarter of 2023. It is therefore worth taking a look at another group of games available in the Xbox Game Pass subscription, which may soon be removed from this offer in October, November and December. Among these productions, there are many highly praised and successful hits that should not be missed.

10. Signalis

Signalis is certainly not a perfect production, but it is an interesting title for fans of classic survival horror games. The graphics reminiscent of the PS1 setting are intriguing and the puzzles in the title are quite intelligent. The game entered Game Pass in October, so we probably only have the last few weeks to play.

Game Pass entry date: October 2022.

9. High On Life

If you are not a fan of the comedy works of Justin Roiland, the author of the “Rick and Morty” series, you may not like High on Life. For fans of “Solar Opposites” or the aforementioned series, High On Life is a must-read, a first-person shooter filled with the typical, vulgar humor for which Roiland is famous.

Game Pass entry date: December 2022


Eastward delights with great chiptune music (in the style of SID songs from C64), but this is not the only advantage of this production styled after classic jRPGs. The game provides a pleasant plot with many humorous motifs, a good combat system and very nice pixel-art graphics. There is probably still some time to complete this adventure, because the game became available on Xbox Game Pass on December 1, 2023.

Game Pass entry date: December 2022.

7. Dyson Sphere Program (PC only)

The average of 97% on Steam speaks for itself. Dyson Sphere Program is one of the highest-rated games in the history of Valve’s digital distribution platform. Not without reason. This fascinating title allows for strategic play on a planetary level, as we harness entire celestial bodies in space through various engineered megastructures to production processes. The game is still in early access, but this shouldn’t bother fans of science fiction and interesting gameplay. The Dyson Sphere Program is now a coherent, well-thought-out and enjoyable gaming experience.

Game Pass entry date: October 2022.


SOMA is one of the best horror films in the history of this genre. The game by Frictional offers an excellent, maturely developed hard science fiction story, segments with terrifying creatures that must be avoided, and still quite nice graphics. The authors of the cult Amnesia did not disappoint.

Game Pass entry date: October 2022

5. Amnesia: Collection

You can safely skip Amnesia: Rebirth, as it is the weakest horror game created by Frictional studio. However, the older offerings of this band, which we have access to in the Amnesia: Collection publication, are different. The first installment of the series, The Dark Descent, is an absolute classic of the horror genre, a production at such a high level as, for example, Silent Hill. Of course, the graphics in this old title are quite outdated, but the gameplay is still delicious.

Game Pass entry date: October 2022

4. Persona 5 Royal

I suspect that most have already played this title, which appeared in Europe in 2017 in its original release. If not, it’s high time to catch up. Persona 5 Royal is a very successful JRPG colossus. This is an adventure with well over 100 hours of fun. Many people will think that it is too much and will drop out of this “marathon”, but most roleplay fans will stay with this Atlus creation because of the fantastically developed characters and interesting plot. I suspect that most of them have already completed this title from 2017. If not, it’s high time to catch up.

Game Pass entry date: October 2022

3. Somerville

Somerville surprised me with its amazing science fiction atmosphere (the game is about an alien invasion of Earth) and general poetics, strongly associated with the Amiga’s Another World. This game, underrated in reviews, is in my opinion as good as Inside, offering even more natural, logical challenges and at the same time a much more interesting and beautiful world than the mentioned production or even Limbo. It is worth remembering that this concise title, devoid of length and boredom, has several different endings to unlock.

Game Pass entry date: November 2022

2. Chivalry 2

I believe that Chivalry 2 is an underrated production. The creators of this game found a great balance between simulation and arcade themes. The developers did this better than in the more hardcore Mordhau. Chivalry 2 is simply a lot of fun (the game is full of humor and crazy motifs), and not only for veterans, like in Mordhau, who have spent months swinging swords, but even for beginners who have only been playing for a few or a dozen days (already in the first game). a week after the slaughter in Chivalry 2 began, I managed to break through to the top five positions in the battle rankings). The game in question is simply brilliant – it’s the best online medieval brawl to date; much better tasting than Ubisoft’s For Honor.

Game Pass entry date: October 2022

1. A Plague Tale: Requiem

Asobo has grown tremendously in recent years. Microsoft Flight Simulator turned out to be an incredibly strong proposition that is still appreciated by millions of fans from around the world (for the first time in the history of the series also on consoles!). For people who love adventures with a strongly outlined plot, the French team has prepared A Plague Tale: Requiem, a game so successful that the developers from Naughty Dog would not be ashamed of it. The title is better in every respect than the first installment of A Plague Tale, improving the pace of the narrative and shifting the emphasis from the rather stiff stealth in Innocence to greater dynamics of confrontation with opponents (including violent solutions). The item offers beautiful graphics, many authentic emotions and touching moments, and at the same time is strong in terms of gameplay. Be sure to check out this gem before it is removed from Xbox Game Pass!

Game Pass entry date: October 2022