Game News September 16, 2023, 1:38 p.m

Timberborn’s Polish strategy attracted over a million people to the screens. The creators released a two-minute trailer presenting the changes that have occurred in the game since its debut in early access.

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Beavers from the Polish production Timberborn are alive and well – according to the creators, position she hit it to over a million users. This result was achieved already in the early access stage, where the game has been available for two years.

Studio Mechanistry released a trailer showing what changes Timberborn has undergone during this time. It is worth mentioning that charming beavers have, among others, bots created in their own image or terraforming options, and the authors are currently planning the debut of the fifth major update.

If the above material did not convince you to delve deeper into the topic and get to know the world of the Falkotail and Irontooth clans, perhaps other players will. Timberborn boasts almost 20,000 reviews on Steam, with the “overwhelming” majority (95%) of them being positive. There is no shortage of opinions limited to single words (“Beavers”, “I love beavers”, etc.), as well as passionate stories about the fight against the elements, dramatic droughts, death and hope emerging from new generations.

Timberborn is a proposition for lovers of survival strategies. In the work by Mechanistry, after the defeat of humanity, beavers decided to create a civilization capable of facing any threat. Starting with building dams, of course.

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