My PC has been hacked. i do not have webcam to the pc and does not use the pc to cumsume porno. i use my iphone 12 to comsume porno. with the email came a screenshot of my screen with an empty tap open on chrome.

Local police have been informed but i doubt they can do much.

How serious would you guys say this email is.
the only personal imformation included was old passwords from databreachs, HWID on the PC and the 1 screenshot of my browser on an empy tap

The mail i recived:

Hi. I hope you’re sitting down because I have some surprising news.

9/8/2023 2:15:49 AM

is when I managed to compromise your device’s operating system, gaining unrestricted access to your account


“. I’ve been diligently observing your activities for a considerable span of time.

I’ve integrated a software within your system, giving me the ability to control all your devices.

Thanks to the malware I’ve installed, I now control your device’s crucial components like the microphone, camera,

keyboard, and display. I’ve uploaded all your personal and browsing data onto my servers, and have gained access to

all your communication channels, including social networks, emails, synced data, chat histories, and contact lists.

I must say, I’ve learned quite a bit about you!

I wondered what I could do with this data…

I’ve recently hit upon a novel concept: harnessing the power of AI to create a split-screen video. One side displays

you partaking in masturbate , while the other captures your online activities. This kind of video format is currently in

high demand!

Man, what happened really threw me for a loop.

With a single click, I can distribute this video to all your contacts through email, social networks, and instant

messengers. Furthermore, I could expose access to all the emails and messaging apps you use.

Additionally, I found a plethora of intriguing materials that I could disseminate online and share with friends.

If you don’t want me to do it, send me 1000 $ (US dollar) in my bitcoin wallet.

My bitcoin wallet address:


If you’re unsure about how to replenish a Bitcoin wallet, I suggest using Google. It’s not difficult at all.

Once the funds have been received, I will immediately remove all unwanted material. Afterward, we can part ways. I

assure you that I am committed to deactivating and removing all malware from your devices. You can trust me; I

always honor my commitments. This is a fair deal, especially considering the time and effort I’ve invested in tracking

your profile and traffic.

I give exactly two days (48 hours) from the moment of opening this letter for payment.

After this period, if I do not receive the specified amount from you, I will send everyone access to your accounts and

visited sites, personal data, and edited videos without warning.

Just so you know, I’m not one to make mistakes. I suggest you steer clear of joking with me because I’ve got a wide

range of resources at my disposal.

There’s no use reporting me because they won’t be able to locate me. Formatting the drive or destroying your device

won’t help because I already possess your data.

It makes no sense to write back to me – I do not write from personal mail and do not look at the answers.

Wishing you luck, and don’t let this raise your hackles!

We all have our own racket, and yours just collided with mine today.

P.S. In the future, I recommend that you follow the safety rules on the Internet and do not visit dubious sites.

Hwid your device: F164FD922E15AAD1514D5B63751F9F06

Operating system: Windows 10 Enterprise x64

Available keyboard layouts:

Danish (Denmark)

English (United States)