I’m 24, it’s been 2 years since I started working full time (graduated with a Bachelor’s 2 years ago). Started at my 2nd full time job early this year. I feel like I’m so dumb. Everyone is so smart at work. I feel like I have nothing in my brain, genuinely. My goal for this year is to get a Linux certification and catch up on some networking after. It’s been 9 months since this year started, have not made any progress on both.

I want to advance in my career. I want to be more knowledgeable and skilled and I want to be making more as well as I get older and work my way up. I feel like I’m behind. I’m worried I’m going to be making less than I’m supposed to in the future because of my lack of knowledge and skills. I’ve just been having no motivation to do anything after work or on weekends, as I just wanna either go out and have fun or relax at home. Now it’s catching up to me because only 3 months left of the year, still have not made progress on getting the Linux certification or studying up some networking. All this is stressing me out now. Any advice or tips? Any resources for learning/studying would be appreciated as well!