When the Apple Card Savings Account launched earlier this year, some users complained that they faced delays of several weeks in withdrawing money from their new Goldman Sachs-backed account.

A report today suggests that Apple and Goldman Sachs have now made changes to the way they handle these transactions to avoid these types of delays.

After the initial report of wall street journal In June, Apple issued a $100 “goodwill” credit to at least some Apple Card Savings Account users. The company also made changes to the fine print to further clarify how deposits and withdrawals are handled through Goldman Sachs.

Information Now Goldman Sachs has reported on some changes to the way it handles Apple Card savings account transactions. According to the story, Goldman’s initial system for managing withdrawals was highly sensitive to “potentially risky activity”, which led to delays, especially for large withdrawals.

In response to user feedback, Goldman Sachs has now “adjusted its approach to cut down on the number of issues, or reduce their severity.” According to today’s report, these changes have already resulted in a significant reduction in user complaints.

The report notes that there is now a limit on how many days withdrawals should take, as well as new ways to communicate with customers about those delays:

Now, if a customer with large sums of money tries to transfer a small portion of his savings to an external account, the system will be less likely to flag those transactions. Goldman also imposed a limit on the number of withdrawal days and prioritized better communication with customers whose transactions were flagged or facing delays, one of the people said.

Goldman Sachs and Apple are also reportedly “pushing the option of a three-way call between the call center and the bank the customer is trying to transfer to” to help speed up transfers. review,

The Apple Card Savings Account launched in April, giving Apple Card users the option to open a dedicated high-yield savings account to earn 4.15% on their money. In August, Apple revealed that the platform had already attracted more than $10 billion in deposits.

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