What if a black hole was much closer to Earth than previously thought? A team of researchers could have discovered one much closer.

A black hole could have been found about 150 million light years away from Earth. Wikipedia

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There are several causes that could cause the extinction of human beings, but the truth is that there is one in particular that would destroy, ipso facto, our species and, additionally, everything that surrounds us. We are talking, without a doubt, about the presence of black holes in the vicinity of the Earth. To what extent does the formation of one of them could cause the disappearance of our Planet? It is a possibility that seems difficult to happen, but it is also possible that the closest one was not as far away as was believed.

Today we want to talk to you about group of stars in the Hyades, located in the constellation of Taurus. Located about 150 light years away, it has been discovered how there could be two or three active black holes there. Let’s see how they could have been found and, of course, what their virulence could be if, finally, they grew a lot in just a few years due to the ‘ingestion’ of cosmic mass. Here are the keys to this new source of information.

Black holes: there could be several of them much closer to Earth

Black holes have not been studied in great detail. It is true that There are several theories about what happens inside after the absorption of matter, but the truth is that there are many open ends. Given this situation, would it be possible that several of them located 150 light years away could become a threat? At the moment, more studies are being carried out regarding its potential typology and location.

Previously, The closest to Earth was believed to be about 1,565 light years away. away. This is, therefore, a notable reduction in the estimates. Even so, we would be very far from the black hole’s range of action. It is believed that they would be located in this set of stars, which could be up to 625 million years old. Their formation is characterized by having a common gravitational link, making a constant rotation possible between them.

As can be seen in the previous images represented by the European Space Agency (ESA), they are located in the immensity of the Universe at a great distance from Earth. This representation corresponds to a 3D animated view of the sky observed by the Gaia satellite. The The possibility of a black hole existing in this area is high after the study carried out in many other spaces. After all, a series of common characteristics must occur for this gravitational axis to take place.

Another important detail for reducing the threat level lies in speed to which it moves. It only moves at 3 kilometers per second, a very slow speed in spatial terms. For this reason, even if we crossed its path, there would still be a long time until it reached us. These are, therefore, a pair of potential black holes that would hardly cause fear to astronomers and other researchers because they are small and far away.

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