I was wondering how is the life at Crowdstrike compared to other similar vendors.

I read a lot of positive reviews and only few negative stories

I assume the experience could be slightly different between regions, but basically, how is good at CS ?

Suppose I start a position as Security Analyst or Senior Analyst :

  • What is the expected pay range

  • Are there possibility to move to another role within the company eg: IR to SOC, SOC to IR, etc

  • How is the company culture toward employee and evaluation.

  • Anything else worth mentioning about working at CS

Obviously, this question is toward current or past CS employee. I would be glad to hear about the opportunities for career advancement and technical skills.

I m asking this because I was considering some EDR vendor.With the current market situation, hiring has cooled down everywhere, so I assume now is not a good timing to move but just asking assuming things will hopefully get better in 1 year or so.

Thank you !