Over the past few years, privacy and security have become a topic of discussion among consumers. Both Google and Apple have many features to keep your confidential data safe on your phone. After all, your budget Android phone acts like a personal safe to store private photos, files, conversations, emails, and more. Although biometric security like fingerprint or face unlock gives you peace of mind, it’s not foolproof. This is where Google’s Lockdown Mode comes in handy to keep your data safe.

Android manufacturers use a variety of fingerprint scanners and face unlock methods in their offerings. We have seen many instances where an impersonator tricks your phone or the optical fingerprint scanner fails to work as expected. Lockdown mode turns off the biometrics on your Android phone and lets you access the phone only with a PIN or password.

What is lockdown mode on Android?

Announced in 2018, Lockdown Mode disables biometric security on your Android phone. This means you can’t use fingerprint or face unlock to access your phone. You must enter a PIN or password to access the data.

However, when you turn on lockdown mode on Android, the feature only works for a time. Once you unlock the phone in lockdown mode, the system turns off the function, and you have to go to Settings or use the Power menu to turn it on again.

When should you use lockdown mode on Android?

Sometimes, hackers and scammers go as far as stealing your biometrics to access your phone data. If you suspect a dangerous situation or travel to an unknown area with a questionable history, allowing lockdown mode will add an extra layer of security to your Android phone.

Lockdown mode can also come in handy when you share a room with a stranger. No one can trick you into unlocking your phone while you are sleeping.

Lockdown mode is a must-have add-on for doctors, lawyers and psychiatrists too. Being in such a profession comes with responsibilities to protect your customer’s data. The same is true if you have high-profile clients who are popular public figures. Leaking any confidential information will be a nightmare for you and will seriously impact your credibility and reputation.

How to turn on and use lockdown mode on Android

Now that you are aware of Lockdown Mode and its warnings, let’s check out how to implement it. Google has integrated lockdown mode into the power button. You can press and hold the power button and tap lockdown To activate it.

The system locks your phone and turns off biometrics. Your fingerprint or face unlock will not work. Instead the system asks you to enter your PIN or password. Once you unlock the phone, the system turns off the function and turns biometrics back on. You can also access the power menu from the quick toggle.

  1. Swipe down from the homescreen to open Notification Center.
  2. Swipe down again to expand the quick toggle menu.
  3. Tap and select Power button lockdown, lockdown mode on android

How to activate lockdown mode on Samsung Galaxy phones

Samsung, the world’s largest Android manufacturer, does not activate lockdown mode by default. You have to switch on the option from One UI Settings. Follow the steps below to make changes.

  1. open Adjustment On your Samsung Galaxy phone.
  2. scroll to lock screen,
  3. Tap secure lock setting, lock screen on samsung phone secure lock settings
  4. Enter your device PIN and tap continue,
  5. turn on show lockdown option Toggle. Turn on show lockdown option
  6. Turns on the option in the system power menu. You can press and hold the side key to access lockdown mode,

Some users may assign a side key to activate Bixby, Camera, or other apps. You can also access the power menu from the quick toggle menu.

  1. Swipe down from the homescreen to show Notification Center.
  2. Swipe down again to check more options.
  3. Tap the power icon at the top and select lockdown mode, samsung power button lockdown mode on samsung

Keep your personal data safe

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