A few hours after Apple presented the iPhone 15 to the entire world, France released a report in which warned of excess radiation emitted by the iPhone 12. In fact, France has banned the sale of the iPhone 12 throughout the country. Other countries such as Germany and Spain are beginning to make moves and it is very likely that the European Union will make a statement or request information from Apple before banning it throughout the territory. However, Apple remains silent and has asked its employees to remain silent about the entire technical support team, ensuring that all products are safe.

Trouble with the iPhone 12 and radiation, what is happening?

France has been blunt on the issue and there is no way to make a move. According to French technicians The iPhone 12 exceeds the legal limit thresholds for radiation exposure. And this has been the reason why three years after launch France has banned the sale of the device (in all its forms) in the country.


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Since then, Apple has sent certain circulars to its employees ordering them to respond to all types of questions regarding the iPhone 12 as follows: “We have nothing to share” or ensuring that All Apple devices pass security tests, according to the report leaked by Bloomberg. They have also warned of the relevance that users cannot return devices if more than two weeks have passed since their purchase.

Customers who ask if the phone is safe should respond that all Apple products go through rigorous testing to ensure they are safe, according to the guide.

At the moment there is no official information regarding this news from Apple. In my opinion it will not take much longer since otherwise The European Union could ask them for a more exhaustive report and even the suspension of sales throughout the EU territory. We’ll see what happens in the next few days.