That the meetings of Zoom and Webex were coming to Android Auto is something that Google has repeated so many times that it has almost become the tale of Peter and the Wolf. Today should be the last warning: the deployment begins today, thus fulfilling the promise that it would arrive in September.

It is not the only novelty for cars that Google has announced today. The vehicles with Android Automotive and Google services and applications (known as “with Google Built-in”) receive more types of entertainment applications to use when the car is parked: Prime Video, The Weather Channel and Vivaldi. Also, the digital key system expands to more countries and devices.

Zoom and WebEx on Android Auto

We started with Android Auto, the in-car system that actually runs on your phone. Google warns us – again – that audio conferencing comes to the car with initial support for two applications: Zoom and Cisco WebEx.

Zoom and WebEx will appear in Android Auto -if we have them installed on the mobile, of course- starting today. From the applications we can easily join meetings from the car screen. Only supports audio conferencing and it will not show the video.

Prime Video and Vivaldi on Google Built-in

On the other hand we have Android Automotive, which is a complete operating system that works in the car itself. When the system includes Google services and applications (including Google Play), then the name becomes Google Built-in.

Google has been opening its hand for some time regarding the type of applications it allows. YouTube recently arrived, now Amazon Prime Video joins (on select Renault, Polestar and Volvo cars) the Vivaldi web browser, accessible on Google Play. Both apps are available when the car is parked.

The Weather Channel for Google Built-in


We can also access more types of applications with a car with Google Built-in running. The application of El Canal del clima will arrive “soon” on Google Play for cars.

With the application we can see the current weather conditions with hour-by-hour predictions, alerts and a radar view to keep drivers informed of the weather ahead of them on the road.

The mobile phone as a car key reaches more places


Finally, Google has announced the wireless digital key with which we can open the car with our mobile phone, which extends to select Hyundai, Genesis and Kia models in the United States, Canada and Korea that have compatible devices such as the Pixel 7 Pro or the Samsung Galaxy S23+.

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